Paras ?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bob3, Dec 26, 2008.

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  1. hello first post, merry christmase by the way.

    Im lukin to jion the para and would raely lke to no the time i need . Atm I'm doin 0.5 mile runes 4 times a week(bloody ard wrk) I herd frm one of me hommie tht I woud be a be sniper as Ive gt good raecations whn I play pc gme (how lonn till I get to use da 50berret snper rfle ?)

    Also I carnt train on monday , as I've got cod4 clan practse (!tkf? 0wns all btw)

    Anyway Any advice I woud lve to haer.

    Thnx in adnvce bob
  2. I ned answer , rawly wnt to be a snipe plaese
  3. as long as your getting around 20 mins for your runs you should be fine
  4. cod4 clan practse?!?!?!?!?! raelll men play cod5!!!!!
  5. thx mte, I rekon 15 mins shoud do(fcking trn ard,fght easy)
  6. you being serious mate :? (no offence)

    and u need to be doing a hell lot more than 0.5miles !. but if thts wht u can only do then thts fine but u need to be doin few miles.

    and u wont use 50cal sniper....

    u dont seem like ur takin these seriouS

    but anyways go to ur local career office would be a start if u havent been .
    good luck
  7. 9:18 you need to get for paras .

    9:40mins if your strong
  8. thx Luke mte , if ya wnt I'll gve u me ps3 addy and we coud ply gta4 ?

    On a diff nte , I raely Ent ths...ive bn tld by a frend tht if I was to jion as a chief , I woud see lots of actoin and gt to be a snper I sad para Iz da way to go becase u got to be fit to be able to run da 0.5 mile in 15 mins.

    Also whn would I gt to use da 'wah' wepon ...I herd poaple saying this bt I'd nver erd of dis wep ? It nt on cod4
  9. If I were you I would think about the whole Para thing there are couple of things you should consider 1) in a few weeks when you are ready to go SAS the fact you wore one of those pink hats would count against you pink and beige really do clash and the SAS are notorious Para haters. 2) Will that pink hat clash with your skin colour most people just can’t pull it off I mean think about it pink hat and pink eyes after a night on the shandy hard to look like a cold hearted death giver when you look more like an albino rabbit everyone just wants to give you a big hug.

    Don’t worry about run times in the Paras you will be chuted straight into the middle of the fight so don’t have to be that fit just brush up on your unarmed combat it could be handy the best on the market is By Baron Castleshort under his Pen name Jim Shortt 'Self-Defence: The Essential Handbook' he is a top guy who taught the SAS. If I was you and just starting off I would join an outside club do some charity work and get some good Army training something like Legion of Frontiersmen should set you and you would be a corporal within a few weeks of joining.

    Good Luck
  10. its not 0.5miles. its 1.5miles passing test you have to do it in 9:18mins .
    and thts just the start . research on the paras google them , ur facing one of the hardest training their is in the army . ull be doin 20mile jogs in p company .

    like i said u shud go to a career office even if ur not ready to join they will still give u info .

    and u cant start sniper straight away .
    u start off with the sa80 then after a few years u can go into sniper or machinegunner etc.
  11. OF COURSE...hes being serious luke what kind of question is that! :roll: :wink:
  12. their not pink their maroon .

    and it sounded like he wasnt at first :)
  13. cbgramc, sound advice for any young lad i think, if your not already making recruitment videos PM your details! we'll have an army of millions..of chavs n no time!!! :idea:
  14. Luke stop talking bollux 1.5 miles in 9:18 Para not superman dick, my m8 left basic and became a bazooka sniper after 10 weeks he is now a coloured sgt after only 5 months which I think is brill as he was white when he went in.