Paras wearing flecktarn

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Woody32, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. I was at south cerney back last summer and i noticed that there was a battalion of paras practising jumping out of the skyvan.
    There was some soldier (and if my memory serves me a couple) wearing flecktarn. Is this a para thing, or is it an ally thing to do whilst training??
  2. Sure they weren't Germans? The blokes wear some strange variations of DPM but I've never seen them wearing flecktarn.
  3. They were probably German paras on an exchange visit qualifying for their British jump wings.
  4. There's an echo in here..............
  5. Just one? or two? Exchange Officer or Senior or one of each?
  6. there was one atleast however i seem to remember seeing more.
  7. Thats a great sig blockDB2, its always nice to see a father and daughter get on so well.
  8. Maybe its the advance invasion force for Sealion2006
  9. Isn't it? Brings a tear to my (Japs) eye every time I see it.

    Back on to thread now.................those Germans eh? Murdering, Jew burning fcukers weren't they?
  10. No wonder that camera man had to put **** covers on his wifes couch or why he hasn't got round to taking his xmas deccies down. What was the thread again.....
  11. Maybe the RLC's "Silver Mllllaarrss" getting there knees in the breeze, they require a Skyvan to lift ther lard arrses and big ego's
  12. Your sh*tting me, right? if you've got that going on at home, its Christmas every day of the year. :D
  13. lol my bros in the silver stars, what are they like??
  14. Due to nearly all the Hercules aircraft being tied up in Iraq or Afghanistan then things like the Red Devils Sky Van are being pressed into action for training purposes
  15. It's not the red devils skyvan - they use the Islander "G-ORED". The skyvan is what all para trained soldiers use for clean fatigue and eqpt jumps.