Paras v RAF in punch-up

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by CO19, Apr 21, 2006.

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  2. twas ever thus!

    why, oh why, oh why ,

    do the RAF Regt think that they are on a par with either PARA or RM?
  3. Was the Scum headline "Our Boys whip Our Boys" ?.
  4. My parents will be chuffed to feck. They live about a mile from St Athan's West Gate. I bet they can't wait to have them as neighbours. :?

    Grow up, children.
  5. Sounds to me like the quoted source has more than a passing allegiance to the Paras!!!
  6. "Clubber Jay Mackey"

    Is that his full name ?
  7. A manager at the club added: “It happened in the back room. Our own security broke it up.”

    Fcuk, that must have been crowded, they must have been toe to toe.

    I bet the security rushed in and picked up anybody showing classic signs of violent behaviour.

    Anybody, lying on the floor bleeding.
  8. Paras and Marines cause no more trouble then the rest of the forces. In fact the Royal Irish and Green Jackets caused much more trouble in Dover then the Paras ever did and that's a quote from the 'mother in law' who ran the main squaddie pub in Dover town centre.

    As for Grow up children. Put any two units or more in the same drinking establishment and once the idiots of those units are drunk on their two shandy's you are going to have trouble.
  9. Wasn't it the Paras that had that serious point of view discussion with the Royal Irish at Tidworth?
  10. When was this supposed to have happened? 1PARA left Dover weeks ago, and the town is no more peaceful no than it was when they were here!
  11. After banning the Gordon Highlanders from Minden for life, the mayor said they had caused more damage to the town than the RAF had during the whole of WWII.

    Just to balance things up a bit.
  12. Now that's integration!
  13. “Loads of girls got involved in the fight" see, evidence that the RAF were involved.
  14. The fight in Dover, Kent, involved crack soldiers individually hand-picked for their expertise who are meant to be above squaddie punch-ups.

    Sorry was going to say something, can't stop laughing.

    The journo that trawled this shite out, sure had his finger on the pulse.
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Another great 'exclusive' from that brilliant journalist tom newton dunce. Stop giving that moron and the scum publicity.