Paras tread warily in Helmand province

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Apr 20, 2008.

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  1. From The TimesApril 21, 2008

    Paras tread warily in Helmand province as they learn the skills of ‘going lethal’
    The newly arrived troops from 2nd Battalion are eager for action, but first they must get to know their enemy in Taleban heartland
    Michael Evans in Kajaki
    The British sniper lay on the rooftop of a compound within sight and range of about 20 Taleban armed with Kalashnikovs and rocket-propelled grenades in a dugout, and waited for the order to “go lethal”. He had already fired warning shots but the rounds from his long-range 338 rifle had failed to scare them from their bunker.
    More on the link
  2. Thanks for that.
    Good luck to them, hope they come home safe (and give terry a hiding).
  3. Whats with all this para's "going lethal" stuff, was reading something before about outside this base there was a field of grass and it was full of terry and nobody was allowed to even go near that wall and the mined it, but the paras where climbing up the wall throwing grenades over the top etc.
  4. "the Paras blast holes through a compound wall, using a bar mine"

    Ah, the old AP formula; add P for Plenty.

  5. That's the second good article today by The Times.

    Please bring the boys home safely.
  6. Good luck to all the boys out there and a safe tour.
  7. Wasnt Ross Kemp going out with them?

    Good luck maroon machine, hast ye back!
  8. He presented one of the awards on the BAFTA's tonight, wasn't that just recorded this week?.
  9. He wouldnt go out when they have first deployed, the MOD would want to let them get squared away for a couple of weeks.
  10. He didn't go out straight away with the anglians.

    Edited for Tw@t type.
  11. Good luck to the lads, looking forward to some more Para youtube footage no doubt!
  12. Was he still learning to become a priest?!!
  13. I met Ross on a long haul flight the other week. He had just finished doing some filming that will no doubt be another storming documentary in a dangerous part of the world. I shook his hand over the series he did in Afg and just said thanks.

    Quality bloke.
  14. Someone has wrote some daft comment on the bottom of the page.Good luck to the Paras.