Paras to have Full backing if any Ganistan Prosecutions

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Jan 28, 2006.

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  1. A nice thought, but previous experience would suggest they will be hung out to dry as usual
  2. I still believe in father christmas, the tooth fairy and the the earth is flat.

    Get real !! Some afghan druggie warlord will allege something under human rights, fall over and twist his ankle, blame someone by alleging abuse, get millions and a free entry to England, a free house for himself, his wife and 20 sprogs, and all his tribe as well.
  3. I agree, RABC.

    That's all well and good, but what does it mean in practice? Are senior officers going to resign if any troops are, in their eyes, unfairly put forward for prosecution? Have the military chiefs managed to convince the power-wielding politicos to wind their necks in? I think that it's a good sentiment and must be of some reassurance to the lads that their boss is going on record with his backing, but I'm not convinced that in practice it's going to make any difference.
  4. All they need now is a "Vote of Confidence" from Mr Reid
  5. Ask yourself one question - Do You Trust Them??!!
  6. Fine sentiments from CO 3 Para but the reality is different. Judge Advocate General is a civvy and if the Solicitor General (politician) says it's in the public interest to prosecute, then the guys will stand no chance.

    It's been said many times before, but the problem is that Private Atkin's rights come a long way behind those of our foreign cousins who he has gone to protect.

    Our political masters don't understand and don't really care about the whats, whys and wherefores of our armed forces, unless its for a good soundbite.

    Anyone for an Armed Forces Federation?

  7. It really says a lot about the state of this totally mad PC correct country just by making the comment.
  8. Poor sod - he's going to end up like Hero today, Horror tomorrow Collins if he really thinks that. Shameful that he even feels the need to say it. The gov'mint will turn on them without conscience or delay if it suits them.
  9. Whats the backing actually doing, apart from a morale boost? It's not immunity from prosecution, so the guys will still be on a charge, maybe he's gonna hire em all QC's? :?
  10. I have no doubt that the OC will do all that is in his power to look after his lads. However, his powers are these days largely irrelevant to the manner in which his soldiers are treated. Very sad but unfortunately true.

    Now, if we had a Federation they could all sign up and enjoy free legal advice .... because the MoD will do sod all to defend them. A few prosecutions of these rough violent men will play very well with that part of the electorate the PM is trying to woo this week.

    Cynical, me ?
  11. ...and as a bonus, will help to distract the rest of the populace from the Government's disastrous management of the economy, paedophiles in schools, education reforms no-one wants, the risble 'respect campaign, peerages for cash scandals, dodgy ministers... (cont p.94)

    Wouldn't it be good to hear a statement supporting the troops from POD, or even Sir Andrew Walker, a man rarely seen or heard these days. One wonders if he is so flaccid and obedient, and suits the Government's purpose so well, that he is in fact dead, and just wheeled out occasionally, Brezhnev-stylee, to show he still exists.
  12. My reaction is a bit more favourable. Sure it's only words. But when this guy speaks I, personally, would listen.
  13. Hmmmm.

    The CO says his men will have his full backing if they make an 'honest mistake' when under fire. Surely it will only be seen officially as an 'honest mistake' after a court case and the blokes have already been dragged through the courts? I can see the quote now "Of course my men have my total backing, but it would be wrong to say anything that may prejudice the upcoming High Court Case, and we should await the outcome, blah bloody blah".

    A bit different to saying "Prosecute my lads and I'll throw my cap onto the table".
  14. Pox Dr's hit the nail on the head. A CO of any unit shouldnt even have to make a statement like that. British soldiers are professional enough to be deployed anywhere in the world and carry out ops without worrying about 'slotting the wrong bloke'. Mistakes may be made but the legal responsibily lies with the politicians for using force in the first place.
    Perhaps 16 AA BDE should have an elite group of PC legal representitives to deploy with the blokes on the ground and offer legal advice during firefights, any volunteers?, no, I didnt think so!