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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by malv, Mar 25, 2004.

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  1. Anyone else on here planning on going in the Parachute Regiment? I'm just looking out for anyone who might be training round the same time as me or anyone in general who might be joining the regiment. I start my training this summer in a couple of months time,

  2. Once youve finished depot & lucky enough, u might be able to get your head kicked in by the AAC down at Lydd with the rest of 3PARA before we deploy to NI again! :x
  3. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Now Now Bowman, that wasn't constructive

    I urge you to start a 'We stomped on the Para's thread in the aviation forum though :D
  4. HLS

    HLS Old-Salt

    Tell me more...........I'm likely to meet up with some 3 Para lads soon so I can slag them off a bit.
  5. Hope its true, or the AAC are going to look royal tools if not
  6. Bragging about beating up PARAS is like bragging about beating up a bunch of Girl Scouts. Well, I take that back, comparing Girl Scouts to PARAS makes the Girl Scouts look bad. :D
  7. Jesus, a septic booty......

    Mate you are below the French conscript army in terms of putting your knuckles up. :D

    US marine handbook is copied directly from the Italian 'Running away' book
  8. Go bake me a cake, you Jeff Hoon looking, Tony Blair smelling ACC puff! 8O
  9. Sooner be a French chef with an italian Mum than be a septic. :D

    Been for a run and a sing song this morning?

    I don't know but I've been told
    Marine corps ass is often sold

    etc etc
  10. I'll hold my own when I get in the Paras, and wont go down without giving at least one person a broken nose lol. Im aiming at 3 Para when I get in
  11. Rough sex eh!! You sure youre not joining the medics?????
  12. Good luck Malv. Dont listen to these bluffers. Get in there, work hard. If you pass none of these remf tossers will ever have the guts to say this shite to your face.
  13. thats cos your kept well away from people able to hold an intelligent articulate and well balanced conversation you prosectiff feck all for good diversionary peice of defence expenditure :roll:
  14. Alright so far

    Smart bloke.

    Malv -you will always be hated by geniuses like this. Jealousy, cowardice and inadequacy are a powerful combination. Get used to being on the receiving end of it when you try and talk civilly to the paper-punchers of the army. Good luck.
  15. Nice one Blue Flash.......... :wink: Apparently the ability to throw oneself out of an aeroplane in an outdated and (when mass employed) discredited fashion counts for courage 8O As for breaking rugby where everyone is sober and has the chance to respond....... 8)