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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by nighthawk!, Aug 25, 2013.

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  1. I'm thinking of joining the paras as a soldier, I'm 24 years old, pretty fit and I have a degree. I am however wondering if I'm too old to go in as a soldier? I know on the army website it says I can join up to the age of 32 but do many people do that?

    Also do the paras train you to do any specific jobs when you're in, I know you can be a PTI but what about any other jobs?

    Any feedback would be appreciated
  2. There are many routes into the army which offer trade training or qualifications but the infantry can be limiting.

    Why are you thinking specifically of The Parachute Regiment? What is your degree in?

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    You might want to re-phrase that.
  4. My degree is in business, I've always been interested in the parachute regiment because of their high standards and fitness. Also I like that 1 para work directly with SF
  5. Have you considered something like Royal Signals then going to 18 Signal Regiment (SAS Signals)?
  6. Im 30 in November mate and know of people who have joined later than me don't worry age. as long as you are running the mile an half under 9.20 or what ever it is for para's and do well on the rest of the tests age doesn't come in to it.
  7. 24 is an ideal age for joining Para Regt. Not too wet behind the ears, a bit maturer and probably less chance of picking up an injury like many of the teenage recruits seem to do. Obviously depends on your physical robustness as well.

    Job wise is the same as most other infantry battalions:

    Machine Gunner (50 cal HMG, GPMG(SF)
    Anti tank Gunner (Grenade Machine Gun/Javelin missile)
    Recce/Patrols Platoon
    Military Transport

    1 PARA (SFSG) also work alongside special forces and are based in St Athen in Wales. 2 & 3 PARA are based in Colchester. It's a good stepping stone if you fancy special forces later on in your career.
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  8. Wouldnt the OP be encouraged to go officer being a graduate? All routes and options still open to him obviously, but as an officer. I knew graduates that didnt want to become officers, but were tradesmen and not infantry.

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  9. That's all good advice thank you. My mile and a half time is fairly good and I enjoy keeping fit, I'm pretty confident I can pass the para entrance requirements, I know training once you're in will be a lot harder though. I have thought about going in as an officer but I'm not sure if its for me to be honest. I went in to the careers office and they said if you're a soldier you're more of a doer and if you're an officer you're more of an organiser, correct me if I'm wrong though?
  10. Officers command, NCO's organise, soldiers do.
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  11. I could count the number of infantrymen I know with a degree, on the fingers on my left foot

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  12. I had two in my platoon alone, not as uncommon as you may think.
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  13. Ok i am a stab, but i was an infantry ranger and had / have a degree. Now a trooper with the horse and have completed a second degree. In stab land you will find loads of infantry privates who for reasons of their own have no interest in commissioning

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  14. You're either not infantry then or from an infantry unit that is thick as mince.
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  15. But this is reg recruitment, not STABS. a whole different kettle of fish when it comes to quals.

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