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I am looking to join the paras and have been invited to a POC in september. does anyone know what this involves and how many people are on each course??? I have an army sixth form scholarship so am going to RMAS but is it better to get sponsorship first?
Also I will be 17 in september - someone said they wont look at you until older, is 17 too young for a POC??
many thanks
Is there not something about this in the stickies?

Not trying to be rude, it's just I'm sure I've read something about Para POC somewhere else- might be some useful info if you search?


I did mine over 10 years ago so my answers are probably slightly out of date, with that caveat in mind here are my thoughts.

I did mine when I was 17 and was sponsored on the back of it.

Most people on my course were about my age.

There were about 30 of us on the course.

Good luck, go with a positive attitude be confident not arrogant, make sure you are fit. I enjoyed mine immensely.

If you want any more specific info PM me.
You'll get there and partake in the usuall meet and greet, lounge jackets/ collar and tie for this event. The remainder of the time there is spent doing physical activities and discussion groups, command tasks ect... My top tips are to come top on the physical aspects or be seen to be pushing yourself to the max and during the classroom element try to take a middle of the road stance. There will be people there who are too quiet or loud, sit yourself in the middle of these extremes and you'll be all right. As for the age thing I don't forsee it to be a problem, there are a lot of young Officers out here although to join the Parachute Regiment you'll have to put the work in at Sandhurst. Any more info feel free to PM me.


I went on one 18-22 February.

It was good fun, but be prepared mentally and physically.

I received the bump on the wednesday but was away until the monday morning and it started the monday evening.

For me it was a real experience. I didn't get a sponsorship but I enjoyed it non the less.

I'm 25 now but there was a 17 year old and some 20 year olds.
I wasn't the oldest btw, the oldest turned 28 when we were there and there was someone turning 27 this june.

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