paras or royal anglians?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by luke.s, Nov 23, 2008.

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  1. well ive sittin around for quite abit now w8in for trainin .
    im signed up for paras atm but im thinkin of royal anglians
    wht do use think stay with paras and give it a shot or join the vikings?
  2. No one can really answer it other than you...

    Royal Anglians are obviously a county regiment so you might feel more at home there, aswell as the role the vikings play being different to the para's anyway.

    I dont really know what kind of answers you're expecting?
  3. They are both worthy and battle tested regiments. I am an ex-Viking so of course I would suggest 1 R ANGLIAN, but in the end it is your choice, but as said both are very good regiments. Where abouts in the country do you hail from. If you are from the Vikings recruiting area (Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Essex) then you will be joining blokes from a similar background and you will no doubt have a lot in common with a lot of them.
  4. im from essex
    i have a few close friend goin in the royal anglians but paras is on my head aswell .

    i no wht u mean i can only decide, ill have to do some serious thinkin before changein
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  5. Have you been on the para insight course? That'll give you an idea of what they are about.

    Dunno if vikings do a course, but contact their RHQ at Bury and ask about it.
  6. yea ive been on a para insight .
    im just guna think about it for a few days and if i go with royal anglians ill ring my co
  7. I'd go with the Paras if I were you. The vikings aren't switched on. When I was in Derry the IRA mortared the officers mess (thankfully it didn't go off). Bang.....whizzzz.......big crash. 10 mins later the mong watching the CCTV (who watched it happen) decides to finally press the mortar alarm.
  8. Lets try to keep some perspective here and dont plunge it into a pissing contest.

    I think the reputations of both speak for themselves especially in todays Army. Dont be swayed by barrack room gossip.
  9. Im going for 2 Royal Anglian (the poachers), obviously not the same as 1 Royal Anglian but similiar role and the same regiment.
  10. Totally different Jobs Mate

    Parachute Regiment - obviously parachuting is their "forte" as it were
    The anglians, as far as I know are just standard infantry with a light cavalry role (like i said, as fair as I know)

    Wanna endure the pain and torment of P-company, but then be able to be Fcking proud and be able to say you did it and your a para.

    or have a great pride in a normal infantry regiment and have pride in yourself for you will still be a soldier.

    Theres no sarcasm here if thats how it came out, its purely my opinion on how you should look at it.

    Opinion, not gospel. :D
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  11. I think you're making P-Company into something much bigger than it is, this isn't the first thread that I've seen you talking about how immensely hard P-Company is. From what I've heard and read it really isn't the nightmare-task you make it out to be.

    But yea, completely different roles, depends what you want to do and if you think you'd enjoy being in a county regiment more because of maybe a stronger feeling of belonging and probably have more in common with your training pals.
  12. Well

    I know 5 people that have done it

    3 being family, 2 being close family freinds.

    They didnt speak to kindly of it.
  13. Clap clap.

    At the end of the day, in my opinion, P-Company shouldnt even factor in the decision between going Anglian or Para.

    If you wanted to join the Para's you'd make sure you were fit enough to finish P-Coy. You wouldnt say, ah sod it, I cba to get any fitter, I'll just join the Royal Anglians.

    I just think you rant and rave about P-Coy and Paras in general too much, I dont even use this forum alot and I'm already bored of hearing about it. This isnt an attack on you, ambition and enthusiasm is always good, but it doesn't always come across like that.
  14. Well

    at the end of the day

    I dont really care what anyone else says, its still considered one of the hardest training regimes the army has to offer

    and lots of friends and families are paras / were paras, i intend to keep that up