Paras or RAF Regiment

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Paras or RAF Regiment is a no-brainer for most. Speaking for myself, I would without a doubt choose the Paras every time over the RAF Regiment but with the situation I have gotten myself in, the decision is a tad more complex.

Im also not trying to compare the RAF Reg and Paras. I personally believe the "big three" is b*ll*cks and that the RAF Reg should not be compared to the Paras and Marines.

But here is my situation: (sorry for the long post)

Im currently at university and part of the University Air Squadron (yes im one of those cnuts). Ive wanted to be a "soldier" for quite a long time and when I went to university I joined the UAS rather than the OTC because of persuasion from ex-military in my family and also as they seemed to have a much better package on offer.

Because I am in the UAS, I have been doing exercises and ranges with the RAF Reg and will be able to do so for the next two years. This means that I should be able to get a feel for the Reg, get to know some rocks, and be a bit more clued up for when I join. Because I would be a graduate, I would be commissioned as a Flying Officer and become a Flight Lieutenant automatically after two years of service. Because of these two factors, I know that I would be able to get a good start in the RAF Reg if I were to join.

On the other hand, my other option is to join the Army, particularly the Paras. If I did so, I would not be so clued up to the situation and I would most likely find the first few years tough going in comparison. However the job of the Paras is more appealing to me and if I were to make a full career out of it, the prospects would be better (remember that the RAF is run by pilots and RAF Reg officers can only climb so high).

Thats pretty much the dilemma that I face. I guess to some of you it wont be a "dilemma" but more of an easy choice. I would just appreciate some honest comments and advice about my situation.

Tee hee this wah is a bit lame, could do better. But some one is bound to bite. :)
Stick to the Blue jobs sunshine, Paras dont have the time for hesitation,

(not bitin cause I av left me teef at ohm)
qwerty said:
Yes, but someone is bound to bite.......
Not this callsign,A massive combat indicator being that our man is a first time poster who has 'overlooked' the dozens of threads already there.

An eloquent,but ultimately obvious,wwwaaahhhhhhhh.
Barkest said:
I personally believe the "big three" is b*ll*cks and that the RAF Reg should not be compared to the Paras and Marines.
Gleaming :D :D

What a wah. Fishing reels at the ready.
Why not go for the Marines - They're the third wheel in the big three but do okay for themselves.


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Raf Reggy V Pars whose gonna bite over that?
Quick say Paras are better for fukc sake he's upset
I'd go for the RAF Regt - They're obviously much better as they get rewarded with so much time off and short tours.
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