Discussion in 'Infantry' started by batfink, Jun 16, 2004.

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  1. Who's the best? :? :?
  2. Well Marines do get the gucci kit and speedboats?
  3. Seen a Gucci SBS boat today arriving in Gosport Harbour.

    Marines courses are harder as well.....que bun fight!
  4. i like the RNs new RIBs but us in the SCC are not allowed anywhere near them...cos we usually nick 'em.

  5. I will take either :lol:
  6. best at what? I reckon para reg have prob got a slight edge in tapdancing, but having seen a few marines in ball gowns i reckon they would be better at ballroom dancing. As for country dancing, your guess is as good as mine.
  7. All the proof requied was shown in 1982.

    Marines were on land first even if they are just infantry soliders with a 10M swimming badge
  8. We tried to take the Albions... it was highlighted in our christmas card.

    The marines didn't let us... alas. With them being armed and there being a big Goalkeeper on board. We didn't argue to hard.

    As for the best...

    I've met some top notch Marines and some top notch Paras. Currently have a great C/Sgt from the Paras for an instructor.

    However as an organisation the Marines are probably better simply because the Para's are only a regiment whereas the Marines are sort of a service and have the large scale support system to show it.
  9. .........I thought ARRSE was getting a bit dull recently........this thread just about confirms it.

    Any of your noshers serving in either unit, if not get yourself down to CTCRM or Catterick and pass the respective course then come back and offer your comments.
  10. Surely looking at both sides of the coin, which we come into contact with regulary, gives us the objectivity to comment.

    Unlike a member of said regiment or the Royal Marine.

    Get off your high horse.
  11. I came in to contact with plenty of helicopters and tanks when I was in .........does that give me the objectivity to comment on the relative merits or otherwise of either the AAC or RAC...........I don't think so.

    Now if I had trained as pilot or tankie then I could comment 'objectively' I didn't anything I say is purely my opinion, however well informed, its still an opinion..........which counts for feck all if your a tankie or pilot.
  12. Both are as good as each other!
  13. Catterick! When Pegasus Company had value it was run at Browning Barracks Jul 1993 I recollect and Wales. Incidentally, where are the hills (in comparison) to the Fan in Yorkshire?

    sorry i thought it was big brother and we were voting someone out :roll: