Paras or Marines or RLC

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by PenguinsRock, May 2, 2013.

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  1. Hey,

    Realistically, I want to join the army to get lots of smoking-hot ass. Traditionally, I'm led to believe the Marine and Parachute regiments should fill up my evenings with such 'activities', however with Bluestone 42 coming out, I'm wondering if the RLC would be an easier method for getting some totty?

    Obviously not as an AT/ATO or some scary shit like that, just something to get me a beret and number 2's. But just a thought? What would you guys suggest on the matter??
  2. Get back to e goat :)
  3. Oh dear.....straight to the bin with this one !
  4. Have you considered suicide? It's got a lot to offer.
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  5. Life - its not for everyone.
  6. You seem an utter mong so I'd go RLC if I were you.
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  7. Hmmm, maybe the troll is over their RIFLES obsession at last. Moved onto harder stuff with Para and RM...... And..... Erm.... RLC.

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  8. What would you guys suggest on the matter??

    Some kinda painful form of suicide? Not a wimpy gassing or pills - something painful....
  9. Have a look at the snakebite thread.
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  10. Death by The_Snail
  11. Beats death by bunga bunga for some I'm sure

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  12. Look you bunch of blighters, I'm sure as fellow men you can all sympathise with my goals..
  13. RLC is the way ahead for fucktards!
  14. How am I meant to pork gals if I'm dead? Are you guys trolling me or something? Top banter.. but please, be serious!?
  15. A bit bored at uni today are we, whats Bristol like this time of year?
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