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Paras only infantry reg available for rejoins?

Hi all I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on the situation for rejoiners, have been out of the army for a year after serving for 6 years in an infantry battalion. After trying to get through to my local afco for three days without success I put in my application to rejoin online through the army's website, a few days later they got me to do a medical questionnaire and then today I got a call from a lady in Glasgow who told me that I couldn't join my previous cap badge that my only options were to become a reserve, apply for the mpgs or join the parachute regiment. When I queried if I could join another corp her reply was no rejoiners from the infantry only have those options and the only infantry battalion that they would let rejoiners come back to was the parachute reg as they were undermanned. I told her I would ring her back when I have made a decision at what I want to do but surely it can't be right what she's saying, I know the army is in the process of downsizing but also there has been stories in the press lately that most of the infantry battalions are undermanned and I know of people that have left the army then came back to another corp. I don't have any grievances against the paras there just not the regiment for me.
Any info or help on this matter would be greatly appreciated
It's not a case of other infantry units not being undermanned as such but that they've stipulated that they can fulfil their quota from recruits direct from training establishments.

Parachute Regiment with only a 20% success rate or less in training and with three battalions to fill will obviously look at a wider market.


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What would happen of he joined for the Parachute Regiment and failed P Coy? Would he be hoofed out or offered line inf?

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Usually offered a place elsewhere. We had two recruits who transferred to the RE back in 1989 and one to RSigs though most went to RGJ. As the saying was back then 'If you can't hack it, be a jacket'.

I would be very surprised if the MoD could not find a place elsewhere for a failed Para recruit.

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