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Discussion in 'Officers' started by BigCheese, Apr 16, 2004.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Thought I'd barrage you all with a further set of questions in regards to regiments.

    First of all, I want to be in the infantry, and more to the point, I've been looking at the paras, LI, and RGJ.

    Now I know a fair amount about the paras(as any sun reader would!! :lol: ) and I'm aware that the LI sent a couple of companies to augment 7th armoured in Iraq. However, I've been hearing rather negative things concerning the RGJ's.

    I've been told that for a while, they had to be pulled off ops as there seemed to be a rather serious drug problem in the barracks, though this is only second hand information, so I'd appreciate some imput from guys on here to what they know, and whether or not this is or is not bull!!

    Thanks in advance guys

  2. Problems were caused by officers who were doing drugs to try and dumb themselves down to Para level but not even Guards officers could afford that much coke, meanwhile the 'Arfurs' were still trying to work out why nobody could understand their funny yokel accents. :twisted:
  3. S-T-A
    Well structured comments and just what this guy needs in answer to a genuine enquiry. Get yourself back to the TA Board, or stop messing around wih the school computer.
  4. S-T-A
    Well structured comments and just what this guy needs in answer to a genuine enquiry. Get yourself back to the TA Board, or stop messing around wih the school computer.
  5. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    ....aiming low then :) ? Thought of Lympstone? Or did you fail the POC ?

    ( this place must be demn short of Booties if it's up to a battered ol' Goat to rise to this juicy bait....)

    << Quel Ordinateur? On n'ya pas 'ci....>>

    Le Chevre ( failed POC CTCRM 1984 - full-set in the way)
  6. Couldn't bear the thought of being with you dirty, smelly, sea fairing bootnecks!!!! :lol:
  7. I'm sponsored by the Light Div at the moment, and have been on several attachments with both the RGJ and the LI. So, there is a definite limit on how much I can say about them, not actually being a part of them myself!
    However, I found both Regiments to be an excellent group of people. RGJ soldiers tend to come more from the cities, LI more from the country, and the Officers generally follow suit.
    I heard the same rumours about the Greenjackets. (Officers are wannabe Guards Officers, etc.) It's all cr@p. I found the guys in the Mess to be very welcoming, and were eager to help or give advice on anything you asked. Somewhere, you might find the jumped-up-public-school-boy-with-flea-up-his-arse. Try not to be this person. Luckily, I've only met one, and he was decent enough...
    RGJ known as the "Black Mafia" due to large numbers of ex-Greenjackets making up a large proportion of top brass a few years ago. Also rumours that many of them are Freemasons too...
    LI known as the "Arfurs" due to the fact their cap-badge, the Bugle, makes up the centre of the RGJ's cap-badge, meaning they only have "Arf a cap-badge."
    The Light Div march at a quicker pace, and it seems they try to incorporate a lot of the same "quicker-ness" (you know what I mean!) into much of what they do generally.
    Anyway, like I said, only an outsider's point of view. Hope it helps in some way though.
  8. As an outsider I'll add my twopence ha'penny worth. I have heard that the RGJ take themselves very seriously socially, and are just a half step below the Guards with regard to the 'type' of officer they will accept - a good infantry regiment nonetheless. The Light Infantry I have heard nothing but good things about, and their being in the recent biffing match out east has only enhanced my view of them. The Paras are a good lot to be in from a young officer's career viewpoint (I imagine), as being such a large unit promotion would be relatively fast and their history of deployments can only help and enhance a career - well, it didn't do Gen. Sir Mike Jackson any harm. Aside from that, if they are anything at all like the men of Darwin/Goose Green then they are tough infantrymen to the nth degree (also more likely to be deployed to hot spots).

    I cannot comment on the question of drugs, but I wouldn't imagine any unit has a monopoly on this particular problem.

    Am I completely wide of the mark with the above views?
  9. Big Cheese...........forget the Parachute Regiment, we dont want you :lol:

    In all honesty I have no idea what the RGJ or LI are like the only time I came across either unit was when we played the enemy for a big TA exercise way back in 1986 (i think) and even then it was the TA Light Inf regiment so I can't really comment.

    As for Para Regt............if you get in there you will love it. (but I would say that wouldn't I :wink: )

    ...............BTW forget the Marines........they speak funny and don't wash.
  10. :D my old CO............fcuking top top top man......can't speak highly enough of him........excellent bloke. (even if he did jail me for 28 days :lol: ). BTW he kicked off his miltary career in the Int Corps
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    not being a cabbage hat, it's not for me to take up this outrageous slur on behalf of << THE Corps>>....suffice to say that Marines don't differentiate between Paras and craphats - they're all pongoes as far as RM are concerned ! ( As in ' Where the Army goes,the pong goes' )

    Longtime back when Nanny was a baby, I did a port defence exercise with (TA) Paras and,next year, (regular) Marines as Orange force...paras did a 3am frontal assault along a shingle beach with ladders against a 20 foot concrete bastion being fired on the whole way by Kite-equipped defenders in loopholes....Marines donned ship's overalls,walked through a check point and left a cocoa tin labelled 'Bomb' taped to the port manager's safe.....oh how we larfed.

    Contrast: 'combat life expectancy - 4 hours' with 'Not by strength,but guile'

    ( always makes me smile when my Ma-in law sees Brigade of Guards doing their ceremonial thang - same comment every time, inherited from her Dad, a HOOD marine in the 30's......

    ' Guards, huh!.....couldn't make a straight line with a ruler...... ) :wink:

    << En avant les chasseurs!>>

    Le Chevre
  12. If you want to see active service sooner rather than later, Para Reg is the way to go. I met a guy in Warminster who had been with 2 PARA for four and a half years and had five operational medals...not bad, really but much to my amusement he did not get the Golden Jubilee Medal. There have been mutterings about the number of high profile deployments of the Paras and Marines of late: the pendulum may be swinging in favour of other mere infantry units: as mentioned above 1LI have had some good press ( and displayed a high level of operational shooting :wink: ) in Iraq very recently. It may be that decent Infantry units get used more for the high profile jobs in the future: RGJ and LI are both very capable.

    The Black Mafia are a very fashionable Regiment but at the moment both Battalions are in a place far from sand and will be there for the next year or two. If you want to become expert in Urban patrolling you will be accomodated there..

    Nothing really against the Arfers, but they do seem to have a bit of a chip on their shoulders because they are not RGJ.

    Paras tend to have very high standards ( hurts me to say it, lets just say that I march faster than they do ) and the quality of soldier you have under you will be very high - even if they might, on occassion, get into the odd punch up or seventeen. Your Platoon sargeant / CSM etc will shepherd you away from all of this..what the eye dont see, and all that.

    Does the standards on entry mean that it is easier to command them? Maybe, but you will be on "Show Parade" all the time.

    Anyway, enough meandering. If you want some high profile action sharpish, Para. RGJ are doing an essential but non glamorous job at the moment: LI are less sexy but acquiting themselves well.
  13. 2 clicks, FYI I have good friends as Officers in reg Para Reg and have lots of time and respect for them but on a Friday afternoon I like to have a bit of a laugh, suggest you try to do same and not take things so seriously, you'll do yourself an injury!
  14. All good advice but under FIS it may well mean little in the forthcoming yedars. The Lt Div (comprising both the RGJ and LI....and soon to be elements of 1D&D and bits of the M4) will it seems most likely go large/large and so a young buck would be joining one of 5 Bns of the Rifle Regt (or whatever it ends up being called). Rumour abounds...but the decision to join the Lt Div is a conscious decision. From personal experience they are a thoroughly good bunch and the RGJ enjoy a very close relationship between soldier and officer, borne out of the 'thinking and cocky' soldiers they attract. Some RGJ as correctly said can be up their own a*ses and those that are will soon be left behind by the more capable whatever the background...but they do look after their own.

    Good can do a lot worse than the Lt Div...and I'm not even onev of them!
  15. The PARAs will let you see more of the world than you really want to and more of the exciting kit. OTH you are more likely to get "broken" and less llikely to learn much about the other parts of the army e.g. G1, G2, G4, G5, etc.

    Least likely to be found doing any significant amount of marching about in neat lines.