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Paras...Hat Cnuts..

Indeed perhaps, but the question remains.

Who are the hats? The one who have passed both trade and in depth training, and then progressed on to pre para, beat up and P-Coy before jumps course etc etc.

or the ones who went through a single process and end up at battalion with a sense of self...

...just saying like,.

Reg hat cnuts..
Its very simple, unless you were a Scaley & therefore one of Her Maj's finest, then you're a hat & probably a bit of a c*nt too
I think he’s talking about this
Your rocket picture is upside down


War Hero
Laurence Olivier who played the village doctor, flew an aircraft for the Senior Service
John Waddy who served with 4 Para and fought at Arnhem ,was an advisor on the film, he drilled the actors, and made them much more realistic, he also advised on several scenes, and had a cameo role in the film

John Addison wrote the music, he served in the 23rd Hussars seing action in Normandy ,and operation Market Garden
Paul Maxwell servied in the Canadian Artillery in WW11 ( played Maj Gen Maxwell taylor)
Arthur Hill who played a medic in the film served in the R.C.A.F.

Oh I just recalled that John Waddy passed away a few weeks back, a long live lived, and a real Gentleman and inspiration to others
These are the sort of people who should be receiving Knighthoods, not rap ( with a silent C ) artists and Z list 'celebrities'.
Our youth should be seeing men and women like Col. Waddy as heroes and role models, not footballers and drug addled rock stars.



23 weeks, then 15 weeks then 18 weeks training... beat up, pre-para, P-Coy and jumps course.

30 weeks, then another 3 and you’re in like Flynn...

Reg hat cunts.


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