Paras etc. Prepare to be outraged!


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I know the subject of who should be and shouldn't be entitled to wear wings has been done to death, but I thought this would raise a few eyebrows and provide some decent entertainment for the afternoon (well for me at least). Let's see who can get the most upset by it. Prizes for first person to cry and longest rant.

Kindly stolen from Rumration:

Edited to add: The picture is already in the public domain before people start kicking off about Persec.


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Oh, goody. We haven't had a proper paras v the real world spat since the new site started up :(

I think the ones she has up are brown wings though.
Ravers......your a cunt :) I would however loop the loop up her hoop. There's something reassuring about fat birds as you know theyre less likely to cheat on you. a bit like not buying a big fuck-off padlock for a rusty old bmx.
I notice she doesn't have her dagger up though. Says it all, really.

<Runs away really quickly>
I think that the right arm in that photo has been photo shopped onto her little fat body! Aside from that....WTF?!! Is she the door bundle?
peggy said:
I had a Woman Parachute Jump Instructor on my jumps course, infact they were two of them.
Was one of them the fat naval medical officer bird in the photo?

She isnt one of them Navy type doctors that jump (in her case pushed strapped to a pallet from a C-17) in to do submarine people saving stuff is she?


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