Paras drop into Spain to train for future operations

Ministry of Defence said:
As the Army prepares to draw down its forces in Afghanistan, soldiers from the Parachute Regiment are on a joint military exercise in Spain training for the threat of future conflicts around the world.

I was gonna say pics or it didn't happen but there is a picture on there that presumably is them! :)


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Has Spain stopped burning honest Englishmen at the stake for not bending the knee to the vicar of Rome? If so, I may go there. I hear they hasta la vista but from 5,000 feet I bet it looks like low-rent brown scrub and some roads.
Its not really a pedantic question, more of a question.

I don't know the answer but would hazard a guess that in the same way our guys wear american wings on their chest that the Spanish do the same to symbolise jumping with a foreign ally on ex/ops.
I served with a guy who had jumped with the french when on exercise, but wore them on his right chest (like the french), but only on his smock - never in no 2's, blues or mess dress. My point, made in a round the houses fashion, is why don't 'El Paratroopers' wear them as do their Brit counterparts?
I reckon the exercise was designed put the willies up them and convince them to stop making sideways glances at Gibraltar. Probably not designed to show our military might but more to show them just what happens when an entire company of Paras gets unleashed on the local nightlife.

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I bet gibbering their tits off on the "below freezing, arid slopes of Zaragoza" wasn't quite what the young Toms had in mind when informed they would be lobbing into sunny Espana.
I love the name of the photographer Corporal Obi Igbo, a truly British name :)
Good job it's not the bootnecks. Last time they went to Spain they kept a bit.
'Paratroopers rain on the plain in Spain from a C-130 transport plane', someone in Defence Newsfilling their caption portfolio for their job application to the Sun?
I was thinking the next big ruck would be against the angry Moors trying to get a bit of Spain back. Arib Spring is a just a ruse people, a ruse I tell you!
Slightly off subject what sort of cuts has the Spanish Armed forces had to Endure?
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