Paras-Do they talk it up ??

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by tampontony, Oct 29, 2006.

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  1. Controversial i know,BUT do the 'paras" talk it up ? having served in several areas with them -Gulf/Kosovo/Afghanistan, there is always constant "leaks" to the media on "how poor conditions are", how "the media are not reporting their heroics" , but when other units take over things dramatically quieten down, as in todays sunday papers.

    However when it comes to gongs etc they really are the tops !! Their commanders always nominate so many of them-one process they are familiar with !!They usually only complete 6 Week tours, then handover to another unit for 6 Months!

    Food for thought .
  2. Prepare to bite.... Standbyyyyy GO!
  3. I thought the title of the thread was "Paras - do they like it up em"?

    My bad.
  4. 2 threads with exactly the same title, someone call in a mod!
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    They are very good at writing themselves up. In my opinion this is not a failing: medals are there to be given, and if awarded, they make almost everyone in the unit feel prouder of themselves. The opposite is also true- units that don't write people up strongly enough mean that very brave actions do not get recognised. This can put a downer on everyone.

    Whether the situation in AFG required the fighting that ensued is a different matter. One thing is for sure- it wasn't the Toms' decision- it was a policy led by Brigade. The blokes found themselves in platoon houses surrounded by various locals all trying to kill them- little option other than to offer the same in return.
  6. Targets to your front... go on!

    Beware of possible journo sh1te, chaps. In true Brit form, the gutter press could be preparing a hatchet job; note what they may do with CGS's devine inspiration (yes another of today's threads).
  7. Good point. Above post edited.
  8. I'll bite.

    Constant leaks ref feck, would you rather they kept it under wraps or make enough noise to get something done about it.

    Reporting of heroics.......I think the issue here was that the s.hit and fan had met and the perception on the ground was that little of what was going on was being seen back home. Hence the various video leaks initially and then wider reporting of the situation. Is that such a bad thing?

    As for when 'other units' take over I assume your referring to 3 Cdo Bde who are stuck in camp, orders from above due to the high risk of suicide bombers and the drop in activity by the Taliban during Ramadan. I suspect the booties are keen as feck to get started and have a feeling they will be active over the winter.

    As for gongs, if they earn them, give them.

    6 week tours !!! to me, I've been out too long to comment so I'll let serving blokes bat that one back.
  9. They did say didnt they that the fighting would subside over winter.

    Maybe the airborne gave them something to think about too.
  10. PARA do court publicity. Makes it all the worse on the occasions when they feck up and do something dodgy. Who here does not want to know what is going on that has not been through the spin dryers of MOD?
    Short tours? Certainly within my experience that they were sent into areas of ops of other units where that unit had gone overboards in hearts and minds. Coffee and cakes with Father Flathat and the ladies while patrols were indoors as it upset the relationship. PIRA running things whilst attention was distracted. Resident CO could not believe his guests would set him up for this so PARA had to go in and crack skulls. Or, in the case of Mrs Groves, crack most of the face.
    Easier gongs? No. Maybe a better chance to reallu earn them. Anyone any evidence of 'soft' meda;s?
  11. Queens Jubilee?

    No, not even that one.
  13. Perhaps the Top Brass have decided to hold the Booties back a bit after the "shock and awe" tactics used by the Paras.
    Do they not deserve to big it up after the tour they have just done?
  14. Wonder what Fallskjermjaeger has to say about all this?


  15. I've got two words for this post.......SH!TE!

    Anyone serving (having served) within an Airborne unit will treat this pish with utter contempt. The reason things have calmed down (in Stan) is that the Booties have sacked their patrols due to the increased threat of suicide bombings. War fighting is a fluid situation, which can change between minutes and hours. Just because the Marines haven't been heavy contacts yet, doesn't mean they won't and won't perform well either.

    You're lack of understanding in Airborne role is evident. Paras aren't used for prelonged engagements. Apart from Arrsecrackistan and NI, alot of the Ops that Paras are used on are short term deployments, with specific goals. Once they are achieved, regular Inf can carry on.

    With Airborne Units you get what it says on the tin. Motivation, aggression and pride. All three qualities displayed in copious amounts on the recent tour. Every man an Emperor.