Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by goatbagthedruid, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. Jut seen this flashing up on the banner:


    Now, are these just another unit deploying or are they are,in true Sun headline style-e "Top Army Paras deploy to save Iraq!"? Does it always have to be that the Airborne Bdes deploy to raptures and street parades whilst the rest of the Army, especially those from Germany. deploy quietly and just go. Media courting??

  2. The return from the Falklands was the opposite.

    The Paras came back unnoticed while the Booties had bands and all sorts.

    Surely we should all have parades and such like.
  3. Not many Battalions have had from my recollection 6 XMAS away from Family on the trot. Im sure there are others but not many
  4. Clearly this is heresy - but I think it is their turn!

    1 RHF deploying part of their battalion for a third tour - no fanfare - and another Xmas as well.
  5. goatbag you should leave the paras alone as they have had to live with the fact that parachuting into a war zone as a battlion has been obsolete since....well, since before they ever did their first one.
  6. Regardless of what your views are about the parachute battalions - and airborne soldiers in general - the fact remains that good effective PR is something the Army does very badly indeed.

    Our stock is dwindling everyday, as more stories of bullying and suicides reach the eyes and ears of the 'gatekeepers' - the mothers and wives of our soldiers, and perhaps more importantly, the next generation of young soldiers. In addition, our involvement in Iraq is being seen increasingly by a far wider section of the community as 'unjust' and 'unlawful'.

    Against this background, and mindful that we need to address this alarming situation rapidly - and do it by ourselves - I am delighted that the imminent deployment of 2 PARA to Iraq has made it all the way to the pages of the Scum. It reminds the readership that our people are still there, still delivering miracles against all odds, in spite being thoroughly pi$$ed around by all manner of politicians and their lackeys.

    The question is this - what will Bliar do when the situation reaches tipping point, in say 10 months time when Op HERRICK ramps up, and another 5000-odd toms disappear back to Afghan? His ability to be 'at the centre of Europe' will all but disappear., and he's absolutely buggered if the firemen pull another shameless money grabbing stunt.

    The PWRR are going back to Iraq. 300 of their soldiers have signed off in disgust.

    Yes....300. I suggest we're nearing the fulcrum.....
  7. Fair One.

    I understand the "being away from home" - everyone is suffering fom it at the moment. I know several regts which have completed 13 months out of 18 months away with a 5 and a half monthtour interval. Not good and does not bode well as D_D says.


    P.S. Am not Para bashing - never would, a fine collection of men. Just stating that the media love them.
  8. I'm all for the general celebration and hurraying that accompanies a parafruit Bn's deployment. The heartfelt sense of relief and gratitude that the rest of the Army feels must be allowed out, it's great for morale.

    I'm sure the rest of them will work double hard to talk about themselves in the absence of their bretheren.
  9. Sorry D_D, I fail to see how deploying a para bn is going to redeem this state of affairs.
    For the record, I don't think that the paras are entirely responsible for the short-sighted adulation that the media heap upon them - but I can't say I've ever heard one of the m complain about it either.
  10. Stickybomb - re-read the sense of my post.

    I was commenting on our approach to PR - not implying that this specific organisation will deploy with a magical bag of tricks that will 'fix Iraq'.

    Are you suggesting that our parachute infantry are, in some way, rowdy and prone to illegal acts? ;)

    Sorry if that wasn't clear.
  11. I understand your post D_D but until either the public perception of our involvement in Iraq changes or we pull out, no amount of testosterone-fuelled pseudo-reporting in the tabloids is going to improve our stock. It might get all the para wannabees unnecessarily moist but unless there is a message in that para story that will cut some ice with the ever-hardening mindset of the anti-war civvy, then it is a waste of effort.

    I think you are spot on about the military PR machine being unable to grasp an opportunity with both hands and a flashlight though.

    And no, as far as our airborne elite are concerned I can honestly say that in the twenty years that I have known them everything just came away in their hands or it was like that when they found it. Durch! :D
  12. The fanfares wont last long. TF Eagle is pretty grim and they will be sharing with an Aussie Cav Regt - light touch paper and stand well back!
  13. Aren't most units that deploy generally written up as "elite" or "crack"? or indeed when any unit appears in the paper under a headline that isn't in some way bad.

    I have read one or two stories in newspapers about units, and of the top of my head, such as the Green Howards, the Guards (esp with Harry) the Household Cav and a number of others.

    If the Para's are getting a good send off, good on them and good drills for who ever got in touch with the journos (Adjt?). As has been said before, the journos love to pour scandal on us when we muck up, let's get a bit of the what we are doing well in the papers.

    (OK, admittedly the Scum hasn't got enough pages for all the good things we do)
  14. Will pass that on - though those who know the Adjt (yup I'm 1) would be surprised that he's the 1 getting in touch with the journos ....

    As others say we need good news stories - too much being made of 'let's knock green' - bullying, 'war crimes' etc etc etc very often just broken with a story by journos shedding tears and wringing their hands over those in the Army who have sadly given the ultimate sacrifice.

    I may be a civvie (though with Mil background) and a lawyer too (go easy here on me guys) but I'm proud to represent the Armed forces, proud to call them my friends and proud of what they do.

    I still remember coming back from a success in Hohne with all the guys and going to Belsen. Their revereance their respect and their horror of what happened there was instantly apparent. Too little of that is shown by the media that all the guys do care, do think and should be supported.
  15. One minute the arrse forums slag of the Sun for their inaccurate reporting.....then on the next breathe the are slating the Reg for being inaccurately reported on in the bl**dy paper!!! I guess you guys believe the rubbish in the Sun as much as the chavs on the street despite the banners wanting a boycot of the rag!!!! Yours confused TCF