Paras death in police custody

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ex_ex, Mar 27, 2006.

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  1. The Family should go for a civil action on this matter. It is most unsactifactory that those responsible have evaded the due course of Law. I do hope somebody like Michael Mansfield QC will pick up on this verdict. Then again what do you expect from Humberside Constabulary, they screwed up on releasing vital information that could of prevented Ian Huntley from working in the position he did when the Soham murders took place.
  2. I wonder if their treatment of him had anything to do with the fact that he was black?
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    It's funny how when someone dies in Police custody,there is usually a outcry from various 'do-gooder' groups but in this case,those voices are strangly silent.
    A 'suspected terrorist' & illigal is shot on the tube & all hell breaks loose,but a British Citizen who fought for his country dies in Police custody & no one bats a eyelid!
    And the 5 coppers on duty ignored the moans from the cell which were.according to the news,audible on the cell's security tape, get away with the force being 'critisized'.
    There should be a public enquiry or will this one go in the bin as well?
  4. I watched the programme with the cctv footage of Christopher Alder dying on that floor, it was absolutely appalling the way that man was treat that night, no one deserves to be treat in such a callous way. The comments that the police made as that man lay dying was disgraceful and no one had a shred of decency to so much as call a doctor much less pull his trousers up.
    I hope justice is done.
    R.I. P
  5. Before you all winge and bleat like total hypocrites..try doing the job yourselves !!!

    It is not unlike the troops beating iraqi prisoners up but without the beating. The guy WAS NOT in a cell he was in open custody. AND IT WAS 8 YEARS AGO FFS

    Give the Police a chance before you all nail the coffin lid shut.
  6. The incident also led to policies being put in place to prevent this kind of incident happening again which I can personally state that work. Working in this environment every day I can say that the common criminal already has enough tree hugging support to help him or her along.

    The bastwards get three meals a day for robbing and burgling and stealing cars yet a homeless ex squaddy has to rummage in bins..big pictures please.
  7. OH yes.....I am very bitter and twisted
  8. "Hey, those Nazi death camps, it was SIXTY YEARS ago, give it a rest, eh?"

    Doesn't work, does it?

    A gang of coppers stood around watching someone die and cracking jokes about it, not really much like some YBHs getting a shoeing during a riot, is it?

    What sort of chance do the cops need, here? There's been an investigation, despite the best efforts of Humberside Plod and they've got a result - guilty as hell, but no further action taken and in the mean time a someone's husband, someone's father, has effectively been killed by their negligence and what looked oddly like racism. We're all excited because he was an ex-Para, but it's not an unusual story, is it?
  9. From what i have seen on this case (and that is only what has been published in mainstream media), i am appauled at the police constables in question. They were shown to stand around whilst the deceased choked on his own blood and vomit virtually in front of them. That is criminal negligence and they should be made to pay for their inactions! :evil:

    Another gripe of mine was the head of the black police officers federation using this as yet another chance to play the race card. Would he have given a shit if the deceased had been a whiteman? Me thinks not! :evil:
  10. The government give you authority over the detention of civilians, and as such it is your ultimate responsibility for their care and safety. Whilst this may leave a bad taste in the mouth when in relation to scum like West and the James Bulger killers, it is still your duty. Stand by it or don't accept the powers granted as part of the job.

    Edited for mong grammar. Mlllaaaaarrrr.....
  11. Medman_82, it doesn't matter what job you do, no one with an ounce of decency would leave anyone in such a state and make derogatory remarks whilst doing so, unless your sick in the head of course. And..before you get on your high horse with comments of 'Try doing the job yourselves'...perhaps some of us do already!!
  12. You're also a bell end. Even PCSOs look down on you.
  13. Very much understand the cliche of 'putting yourselves in their shoes' and so on but regardless of that, from what I've seen, the duty of care shown was virtually non-existent and late-coming. IMO no matter what excuse someone may want to add to it or how long ago it was - it is a wrong and worse still, the wrong cost a man his life and two kids their father.
  14. Medman, I'm not sure but wasn't he handcuffed, hands behind his back, lying face down while he died? Or am I mistaken, cos if he was then being in an open custody area wouldn't matter.... Oh wait, he was dying, so no matter where he was it wouldn't really matter would it?