Paras basic training


War Hero
From what I have been told, locker trashing was binned years ago.
This was back in 1966 at Maida Barracks. Locker could go out of window, so could bed block, come to attention on manky razor, chase your mug if it wasn't clean...oh, and don't forget the 'regimental scrubbing' for unfortunates with really heaving personal cleanliness. All good clean (and I mean clean) fun. We thought it was part of selection, if you couldn't hack that, you walked. I still do all my own ironing, (all A4 size), my wife apparently still doesn't have the skill.
I guess what I'm saying is was there anything you guys wished you learned before you started basic?
Avoid disappointment. Go 'ugly' early.
Don't waste ALL of your money on alcohol. The month gets very boring towards the end.
The Corps you join may not be the Corps you leave at the end of your service.
Look after your own knees, hearing, and teeth. Nobody else will.
The graffito "Catterick's a dump." was written by a bloke from the Legio IXth (Hispana).

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