Paras application & migraines

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Alrite fellas

Ano the subject of selection and migraines has been brought up before but please bear with here!
Av suffered with awful migraines since a was bout 10 now 24 like a dnt get em anywer near as regular as a did when a was younger and me last one till now was a year maybe two ago! Now me dream has literally always bin to join the paras and bout 5-6 months ago decided to stop dreamin bout it an started a gruelling training regime to get "para fit" and then was hopin to continue training through 2013 and then apply early next year! Just so there can be no doubt a havnt put the work in like! Me trainings been going great feel fitter every week, Very confident, Highly motivated an feel like afta a year al be like friggin superman but just when a was startin to think nothing could stop me a had a massive migraine attack yesterday. Now as said last one was atleast a year ago an should explain a typical attack lasts about 24 hours but leaves me in serious pain and cant stop vommiting oh and no pain killers seem to shift them (Oh Joy!) Now am pretty devastated thinking wether a should even carry on or not cause a might just get KB'D when I apply! Now ano being realistic its bad I probs wont get in but just wanad to see what you guys think please! The army/forces one way or another was me dream al be crushed if a cant serve in anyway jus cos of these F%*KING MIGRAINES! any suggestions as to what else I could possibly do in the forces? I know the 4th Batt Parachute regiment (TA) have a base in Liverpool were I am based btw! Could that be a possibility? Any advice greatly appreciated lads!

Regards Sean.
assuming you are not a wah/sock puppet of course
Hi mate

See av been wreckin me head tryna think of stuff a did differently but problem is a cant think of anythin just same old it just come out the blue afta like a year a friggin hate them!!
the first post in this thread is making my eyes bleed.
Wow! Brand new to the forum fellas abit of slack would be appreciated!
Deffo didn't need to mention he were from Liverpool... I could hear the accent from here.

If it isn't something you did or ate Sean, perhaps the trigger is something you breathed or wore.
Don't they teach Queens English in Liverpool's schools?
And not in yours either...

Sean: Pop along to St Helens on their drill night and ask there.
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