Paras and their little horses

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by kiwi1938, Nov 15, 2011.

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  1. How come in pictures and videos of the Paras all fancy and preforming you see them with little horses, or ponys if you must be pedantic?
    What is the purpose of the miniature pony?

    I also saw the Paras at the Duxford air show last year and they had one there too

    Anyone know? Without abusing me too much.
  2. Same reason others units have goats, ferrets and dogs. Some even have women.

  3. Bestiality?
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  4. Did these little horse have wings on them made of cardboard and covered in tin foil?

    Without that its just a little horse
  5. Unit mascot. After parades the take it home and fuck it.
  6. Oh dear. They easily get upset. They'll drop in to see you.
  7. Couldn't be worse than some of the Oz mascots. 26 transport squadron has a fucking camel. I think 5/7 RAR had a tiger. Not sure I'd fuck either of those critters.
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  8. Small animal to fuck = your cock looks bigger. Simples.
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  9. The voice of experience?
  10. Drop in? Not by parachute they won't ;)
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  11. The most sensible post on this thread.
  12. You would a pony though, right?
  13. I've had worse. Christ I've had a lot worse, with more body hair.
  14. Top man. We don't want academics here, only those with practical experience.
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