Paras and their little horses

How come in pictures and videos of the Paras all fancy and preforming you see them with little horses, or ponys if you must be pedantic?
What is the purpose of the miniature pony?

I also saw the Paras at the Duxford air show last year and they had one there too

Anyone know? Without abusing me too much.


Couldn't be worse than some of the Oz mascots. 26 transport squadron has a fucking camel. I think 5/7 RAR had a tiger. Not sure I'd fuck either of those critters.
Back in the mid eighties the paras used to have the pegasus emblem painted on their landrover doors.
Someone made a "My little pony club" stencil to go around it and painted up half the green fleet befor anyone spotted it.
Complete sense of humour failure.

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