Paras and Marines?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by spider, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. Is there anyone currently serving with, doing training for or have experience of the training for 4 Para and the RMR? Would appreciate any truthful info, no BS basically, on life inside these units, i.e. what have they done for the past year etc training and deployment wise and what people have got out of it...

    Am steadily getting fitter, but, just wondering, what level of fitness is needed before you even join/sign up?

    Appreciate any info and advice, Cheers.
  2. Best bit of advice for P-coy I have (I'm training now)....

    Keep your mouth shut and no matter how painful something is... keep going.

    Work on Mental Fitness........!
  3. Check your PM's mate.
  4. my advice..having gone through P coy twice...
    Sack off the gym... its does nothing. Get a bergan and plan out a load of routes around where you live and spend your spare time doing 8 - 10 miles a few times a week.
    Mental fitness is key - SHUT up and crack on.. if you fall down get up and dont turn your back in the milling.
    Its worth it all!

    But remember... a plane is only one form of transport!
    RMR is a mega long selection course i hear??? 17 weeks or something??? Its all a bit of a shame in todays state of affairs as the Army need as many TA as possible.. 17 weeks is drastically excessive if you ask me?!!
  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Check your PM

  6. Standards are standards - if the reserves had other standards for example - the Commando flash/Para Wings would not be worth the cotton they are printed on.

    And you - my son - would be laughed at by those who did it full time for a living.

    The Spacker
  7. 4 PARA have a Coy on Telic7 and are probably sending blokes off to play with 3 PARA in Afghanistan real soon. Those left will be training in Albania, France, Germany, Holland, Malta, Slovakia, and the Ukraine this year. Always one or two bods doing a six month attachment to a regular Bn. Virtually no MTD limits and all the courses you can shake a stick at.

    You need to be doing the miles on the road, try alternating a 20 minute bum burner with a 40/50 minute slog with weight. Bum burner in boots, slog in decent trainers. Top tip: leave the kit by the front door and set the alarm an hour early.
  8. Thanks for all the advice, couple of questions though....whats a bum burner? and what are my PM's? and doing 8 - 10 milers with weight, is that running or fast walk etc and with what weight? 30/40 lbs or higher? plus what time should I be aiming for? Cheers
  9. Bum Burner = Fat Burning Cardio workout normally in gym i.e. 20 mins on bike?

    PM = Persomal Messages, look at the top of window? Should say you have mail?

    8-10 miles = bit of both. Try walikng (fast) then run for a couple hundred m, then walk again.

    Times = basic is 8 miles in 2 hrs max. 1.50 for Paras

    Good luck mate
  10. that's 1.50 for TEN miles :D
  11. I am keen to transfer to 4 para but also understand the importance of being very fit before wasting peoples time. I have already motivated myself to get out on my own with the bergan with webbing a couple of times a week. I would be grateful if anyone could give me any tips either by posting on here or PM me. Thanks
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Ferret - read this and several other related posts.

    If you are already a trained infantryman, you will need to do a skills assessment and then P Coy. If you are transfering from a corps, you will need to attend CIC and P Coy. Note that some of the advice here is from people who are training for P Coy, or have attempting it with no mention of passing it yet. Not casting aspertions on anyone, but seek advice from those who have finished the course (albeit some time ago in my case!)

    Main tip for now is get the bergan and webbing OFF! Invest in some decent trainers and go running. Combine short runs (get 1.5 miles under 9mins 30secs) and longer endurance runs. Do the occasional boot run or tab if you feel the desire. The most frequent cause of failure other than lack of moral fibre is knee/ankle injuries, often caused by tabbing or running in boots. This will also enable you to serve for a reasonable amount of time if you chose, and minimise your risk of injury over that time. The recruit cadre is well designed, and will bring you up to the required level of tabbing provided you do the milage in your own time.

    Also, get working on press ups and sit ups - they will feature highly in all aspects of training.

    Work hard and enjoy. PM if you want any more info.