Paras 10 this year September 12

Just a reminder to all that this years paras 10 is open to 4000 runners, but I heard the race is going to be full, so don't leave it too late to get your entrys in. get the entry in, and book your hotel
early, as it's sure to be a popular race, and the local
hotels will be full, again. Last year I left it too
late and ended staying quite some distance from camp.

I have been doing my bit telling people about the race, and have even got some American airborne to go, if they have the bottle to turn up.

Even if you guys just print off a poster from the website and put it up at your workplace, it would help, I have got sponsorship sorted, but maybe your workplaces and friends etc could sponsor one of
you to do his race, even if you just make an anonymous donation to the charity, it's something.

Last years race raised soemthing like 50k, so
with more runners this year, maybe that could
be doubled, and if you donate to airborne forces security fund, I think ex airborne can also receive help if needed.

That website again
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