"Paras 10" Race, Sept 14, Catterick. ANYONE DOING THIS???

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Riabright, Jul 6, 2008.

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  1. Hello,
    New member here.
    Anyone got any training tips for someone trying a race with bergen & boots for the first time??
    ( I've seen the training plan on www.paras10.com )

    What's the course like??

    Anyone doing this?? Not long now........ :eek:
    Ria. :D
  2. Start off with brand new boots so that they mould to your feet better for this particular style of exercise and start off with plenty of weights/bricks in your bergen. Carry more than you'll be racing with so that you will move faster without them. I'd start with about 60lb plus water.
  3. Oh here we go.......!!!

    Yes, I'll be sure to bring brand new boots, never worn before, just for the race.
    And I wear a bergen with 100 pounds in at all times, even in the shower, to make sure I'm well prepared......

    Any more top tips??
  4. Be careful - don't overdo the training. Most sane physios will tell you to only train 1 day a week with weight. I trained for the Commando Speed March, which is essentially the same thing except 3 miles shorter and I only ran 1 day a week with weight and was fine for the event itself. If you do more you'll bugger up your knees. Make sure you can at least run 10 miles in under the time with no weight (obvious, I know, but it will give yourself a very good fitness gauge).

    Find your own comfortable pace for the run. Test different methods to find which best suit you, i.e. a continuous pace or a walk/run at a faster pace. Don't bother running up hills, you'll waste a lot of energy. speed walk up them, run on the flats and sprint on the downhill (the weight of the bergen will give you a lot of momentum, you just need to keep putting one foot infront of the other).

    BREAK THE BOOTS IN! Don't attempt to run with brand new boots - not only will they be inflexible but you'll be walking like you dropped the soap in a prison shower for the following week. Also, look into getting Superfeet insoles, they are brilliant for arch support and your feet will be far more comfortable during the run.

    Good luck! PM me if you have more questions.
  5. Thanks Gremlin!!
    Sounds like good advice.
    Wasn't sure if Fatboy was taking the p*ss, suggesting new boots & 60 pounds. Think he was just trying to finish me off before I start.....
    I wasn't really going to do the race in brand new boots !
    I will indeed take it easy training, as I don't want to set off old injuries.

    Thanks again,
  6. I soak my new boots, and wear em with a pair of sealskin socks, gets them off to a good start
  7. Don't make up your weight with Le Creuset pans, as a colleague of mine once did on a CFT. Especially that big frying pan, as the handle gets a bit uncomfortable.....
  8. On a serious note, the best training that you can do for running in boots is running in trainers and to make sure your boots are well broken in and looked after with polishing after each use. As Gremlin said, don't train too often with weight; it will do in your joints before you know it.
  9. Thanks guys.
    Any info on the actual course?
    I hear there's a big hill at 6/8 miles, plus one at end??
    Is it mainly grass or rough ground?

  10. Not really good advice as if you sprint down the hills the chances are you will fall over or not be able to stop at the bottom and will do yourself an injury
  11. Not sure I was thinking of "sprinting" any of it to be honest.......!
    Staggering, crawling on hands & knees maybe. Sprinting??.....er...no.
    So, no running down hills.

    What's the terrain like? Muddy? Rocky? Grassy?

    ( I wonder if the organiser would lay a tarmac path if there's any muddy bits, just for the girls to use...??
    We are fragile, delicate creatures, & I refuse to get my feet wet under any circumstances... )
  12. True, I stand corrected, I did it on the Speed March and avoided injury but it probably wasn't the smartest of tactics. But while sprinting might not be best, try to lengthen your stride going downhill. You can cover quite a bit of ground, use it to your full advantage.
  13. Could always do roly polies down the hills.....weeeeeeeee.....
    There's a lot of talk about hills.
    Are there loads of them??
  14. Riabright, are you off mfat?
  15. I've posted on Mfat yes.
    Got no answers to my questions on this race, so came over here.
    This site seems to be more for those actually serving, so I thought people who have already done this course might be in a better position to advise.