Paras 10 - P Company Challenge

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by pingu823, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. Hello all,

    Some of you may know, but on September 19th there is a charity event at Catterick. The Paras' 10 - P Company Challenge.

    The Parachute Regiment challenges you to attempt the 10 Mile 'P' Company Cross Country Route, carrying a bergen (rucksack) weighing 35lb (excluding food water) and wearing military style boots. Competitors rucksacks will be weighed before and after the race, by race officials. The P Company Challenge is open to individuals and teams of 4 (With the first 3 runners to count). As a guide the Paratroopers Company Selection cut off time is 1 hr 50 minutes.

    Me and a mate are going to be taking part in this and would like to ask for your support.

    I have set up a webpage on JustGiving.Com. If anyone would like to kindly sponsor us, I would be greatful. All donations will go to H4H.

    Please go to

    For more information on the event, please go to


  2. Thanks for your support so far.....
  3. There seems to be some kind of typo here! It clearly states a "bergen of 35lb" and then goes on to say "runners"! Surely not. I need a water stop to get to the bottom of the garden nowadays. :roll:
  4. Then you'll be needing loads of water stops! :D

    It says "runners" because if you are planning to do it in no more than 1 hr 50 mins, then you won't be walking too much! :)

    A good time is 1 hr 40 mins or under!

    "prepare to double"! :D