paras 10 footwear

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by kilo93, May 15, 2011.

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  1. Hi has anyone got any suggestions for a decent pair of boots that will be acceptable for paras 10 training and the p coy challenge itself but a pair that I won't have to shell out more than £80 for?
  2. Less than £80 err some wellingtons?
  3. You should be able to get a pair of Army boot for about £20- 30 quid, try a surplus shop.
  4. kilo93 < paras 10 is a top challenge, and a great day vey well organised, personally id get a pair of good boots ans stretch your budget as far as possible, i have run it in mendal burma pro's 09 and 10 brilliant boots, top ankle support, but not cheap, up side is they will last, hope you training goes well, doing the fan dance next sat with x treme energy in breacon , in my mendals, good luck with para 10, ill be doing it in sept, all the best
  5. Nike air jesus?

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  6. Thanks a lot oppo for the advice and encouragement - all the best on pen y fan and caterrick for paras 10 .
  7. Bates falcon around the £75 mark, light, comfortable and well made. Do try them on first as I had to get a size smaller than I usually have.

  8. They do tend to come on the big side, I use lowa combat boots have done for years.
  9. I use an old pair of magnums that are on their last legs,I get them from work,wear and train in them for about 9 months then save them for the big day then bin em afterwards,it works for me and good luck on the 11th and I also think its a cracking day out.