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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by panzerknacker, Nov 13, 2011.

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  1. I've been baited to do the Paras 10 P Company Challenge on the 9th September 2012. I know a few Arrsers have mentioned they are going to do it but I've slept since then and cannae remember who said they were going to Catterick next year. I'm going to split the funds raised half to the Maroon Machine and half to Hols4Heroes and will hopefully raise a couple of hundred quid for each. Anyone who wants to sponsor me I've set up a fundraising page for anyone willing to donate to the Paras 10 and the usual address for Hols4Heroes, if you do donate to Hols4 could you make sure you mark it as a donation for sponsorship for the Paras 10. And now the feel sorry for me bit. Obviously 10 miles for an ex Infanteer should be a piece of piss, but after 3 Major Operations and losing part of my large bowel, it's not going to be easy, so be sure, there's going to be a shitload of effort put into this and I'm not doing it again... Airborne easy? It better be.

    Panzer Knacker is fundraising for The Parachute Regiment Charity

    Anyone else on Arrse doing it can you let me know?

    Sluggy is putting me up for the night before and providing Bacon sarnies in the morning although she doesn't know it yet....
  2. You'll kill yourself you stupid fat ****.
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  3. Really, do you want to put money on that bold statement young sir?
  4. I might even come along to watch.
  5. To watch my flailing my arms around like a spacker and crying will be worth it.
  6. It'll be like watching Jabba the Hut on phet.
  7. Now Jarrod you know that's untrue. I don't use Phet.

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  8. Seeing that we've had our share of fraud stories on here lately, here's someone trying to do a bit of good for the Maroon Machine.
  9. Isn't allowing you lot to stay at Chez Slug enough?

    Cough up for the cripple.
  10. I'm doing the Paras' 10 again, raised a few hundred quid for my Dads' old regiment (2 Para) on last years' run,, and decided to do this years race for 16 Med Regt. They have done a brilliant job at Bastion this year, together with all the patrol medics, and the Mert teams that went out to bring injured soldiers back in for emergency treatment- A lot of guys who made it home , probably would'nt have if it was'nt for these people. However, I need more info on the full role of the regiment, to further my cause- that is, to make potential sponsors aware of the work they carry out. I know that everyone out there, from all Regiments and Corps are doing a great job, but the people on the Med side, don't always get much of a mention! Is there any Arssers on here who can assist?

    And as a final note;
    RIP Const. David Rathband, an honest guy, just trying to do his job.
  11. Since when did a military unit have charitable status? Are you just trying to raise money for them to have a good piss up?
  12. Yep- I Understand what you're saying, but there must be some organisation that looks after families and dependants of these people, just as there is for the Paras' Families!
  13. Definately not mate, It will be where it should be!
  14. I will be competing in the event, raising money for H4H!!! what time you aiming for Panzerknacker?
  15. Just getting through it, I'm struggling with a groin strain at the moment, giving it a rest for a few weeks then getting back to training.