Paramilitary Live Fire Training

Rather than place the detail on to the SHORTT thread here are some copies of records re 6th Thanet Gun Range. This is just for those reading the Shortt threads who might want to read some of the detail. It frres up the comment thread re Shortt from long narratives.

This is a copy of a letter sent directly to rural beat officer Pc Andy Eley in 1999. It was copied to two HM Coroners at the time and to Home Secretary and Shadow Home Secretary.

THis is the linkie to last year's press report re the tragic death of Dc Eley. This death occurred days after some of the 6th Thanet range evidence was published by me on internet.

This is the linkie to a press report re the 1996 murder of WW2 MI5 officer Ken Speakman a member of the 6th Thanet Gun Range.

This is to the poor quality picture Bill True took from his JCB cab in April 95.

The range freeholder, Corpus Christi College, and neighbouring landowner Bill True had surveys agreeing that the target end (Quarry face) had been undercut taking it twelve feet across the boundary of Bill's land.

The red and white tape just about discernible on the picture is either the quarry face position as of the 1992 Ordnance Survey in the area or the acknowledged boundary of the range. IE the men are firing into Bill's property. They have set up left of arc to line up with his JCB.

The quarry face safety work was way leaved by Corpus Christi and the range notified. Yet they turned up and fired. On the Shortt thread I wrote about how easy it would be for Kent Chief constable to identify the off duty armed support officer who later boasted of how be bounced bullets off Bill True's JCB bucket.

And here is the range record referred to in the letter above to Pc ELEY.

We do not know whether the live fire training witnessed at the range was ILETA, IBA or copycat. But we know it happened and we know it involved off duty police.

If you look at where Bill's JCB was. He was pulling the overhang quarry edge back to grade it off. From that spoil (The top of the target end 24 feet above range) he picked up and filled a number of carrier bags with EMPTY CASES. 9mm, .45, .38.

There must have been prolific firing from the quarry edge above the target end.

In March 98 REME Corps Secretariat carried out a records check re the service status of self styled former REME soldier Lloyd BARTON who had gained work as a Reliance Security Guard at Deal Royal Marines Barracks in 88/89.

I was told that the records check raised by me was the FIRST check of his REME bona fides. IE That Kent Police had not raised a records check as part of Deal Barracks security inquiry raised by me 88/89 nor as part of the later 22.9.89 bombing inquiry.

REME called in MOD Police after the records check 1998.

About seven days later Bill True was warrant raided by 16 Kent Police Officers. He caught them picking up his bags of empty cases evidence.

They did not get all of it.

At the time the Thanet area commander was Supt Rogers. Deputy Senior CID Deal Bombing case. Case officer for the arrests of 21 Territorial Army recruited paramilitaries 1987 and case officer for the breach of security warnings on Deal Barracks which arose from the arrests case.

Through Arsse there has been information suggesting that James Shortt used a Thanet range. His IBA video is I think Stone Lodge Range Dartford.

So this is a separate thread just for reference if anyone on the Shortt threads wants to read detail.

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