Paramedics 'surprised at Kelly verdict'

This story is starting to gain momentum.

Weren't there a group of eminent surgeons who were denied permission for a second post mortem earlier this year?

Two medics who were among the first to see the dead body of Dr David Kelly, the Government weapons expert, have said they were "surprised" by the verdict of his death.

Vanessa Hunt, 35, a paramedic, and Dave Bartlett, 53, an ambulance technician, suggested there was not enough blood to support a decision Dr Kelly bled to death from a wrist wound.
Not reported in this story, but something I saw today In Dave Bartlett's press conference, were his comments along the lines of ... "We were quickly on the scene, but there were Armed Police and others there before we arrived"

I look forward to seeing how this story goes for a walk in the woods.
The medics and a large section of the nation where surprised as the verdict.
Terms of referance. Choose the wording and fix the result.
Paramedic seemed to be hedging his bets but clearly, he and his colleagues have doubts and have discussed the implications (might end up like Dr Kelly) before going public. I got the impression that he was thinking going public made him an ‘enemy of the state’.

It may play out like this: Bliar will announce exonerations all round ahead of ordering another enquiry. The paramedic will be slagged off and humiliated by an on message scumbag, Government gets the required result and it's business as usual.

But if there is a God........................
seem to remember, at the time, a doctor wrote a letter to the torygraph saying much the same thing. Where was all the blood?
Maybe he has shot from the grassy knoll?

Perhaps the Aliens who abducted him dropped him on his head as he fell out of their spaceship

Perhaps Elvis did it?

Conspiracy theories - yes please.....
growler said:
seem to remember, at the time, a doctor wrote a letter to the torygraph saying much the same thing. Where was all the blood?
2 puncture wounds on the neck would suggest TCH involvement.
From today's Telegraph.

Nothing but the truth

Sir - It is with consternation that I note the cause of the late Dr David Kelly's death is once again being subjected to raw scepticism.

It is time these, and other absurd rumours, were dismissed, and to that end I would like to share with you some observations I regard as inalienable facts and which, as a consultant physician in intensive care medicine, with additional experience in forensic pathology, I feel qualified to make:

Dr Kelly killed himself by slitting his wrist but without significant blood loss.

Anthony Charles Blair is in complete control of the Labour Government.

David Blunkett is of sound mind, and of unimpeachable honesty and moral behaviour.

Gordon Brown has not increased our tax burden, and has no intention of doing so again.

The Conservatives will certainly reduce our tax burden if re-elected.

There is a Santa Claus who comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve.

If I am found unexpectedly dead in the woods with a slit wrist, it will be entirely my own action.

Paul Buisseret, Professor of Medicine, Oving, W Sussex
The Professor should watch his back (and wrists).
So how do you think he did meet his demise? This all sounds a bit too American for me...all a bit X-Files. Maybe he slit them and continued to walk, therefore as far as I know, paramedics stay with the patient and don't search the area, so how would they know the extent of the blood about?
There's still plenty of blood to go between passing out & death...

My first reaction on hearing the news & seeing the footage was that someone had "asked" him to accompany them on a little "walk"... And then a convenient & quick enquiry with traces of whitewash detectable. And now this. I'm pretty sure there's something dodgy about it...

New soapdodger chant - "Blair lied, Kelly died" :lol:
I doubt he was "taken out" or whatever other euphemism you may choose to use. If his death was required, then what about Andrew Gilligan, the GCHQ whistleblower Katharine Gun, the DIS man John Morrison etc. His knowledge hardly seemed to merit a unique untimely demise.

However, it is clear that something is not right. Perhaps the body was moved post-mortem, perhaps as the result of an interrupted search by the "men in black" who were presumably tailing and bugging him.
Some other possible scenarios for those with enquiring minds...

Perhaps he was under watch, and recognised as a suicide risk and the watchers were instructed not to intervene if he attempted suicide. Subsequent search and move post-mortem as per last post.

Or he may have confronted those watching him (perhaps having observed them in a hide or OP) and suffered a stress-related heart attack in an argument, and the injuries were inflicted post-mortem as a suicide cover up.

If anything did happen other than the "official" story it would probably be as the result of ccok-up rather than assassination!
Nothing good can come of it anyway, one politician gets booted another takes his place, they're all equally worthless, all the ones worth talking about anyway. I've lost faith in our political system to be honest, a sad day!
MrPVRd said
If anything did happen other than the "official" story it would probably be as the result of ccok-up rather than assassination!
The senario MrPVRd details is plausible. If true it would be less explosive than proof that Dr Kelly was done in on order from on high, or at the behest of an underling who thought that would be the result desired by the Politburo. And though this government is twisted and power crazy, it is early days for them to be joining the 'Night of the Long Knives Re-enactment Society'.

I don't buy into conspiracy theories. The twin towers were brought down by suicide bomber pilots, not the CIA/Mossad with remote controls. Diana PoW was killed by a drunk driver. No-one with relevant professional eminence disputes those verdicts.

But the rats are a bit whiffy around the death of Dr Kelly and it isn't just the ambulance man (who will have seen more wrist cutting suicides than the rest of us ) who is holding his nose.

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