Paramedics shot at.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hope2421, Dec 6, 2008.

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  1. bstrds these days
  2. In my area they have had to start double crewing first responder vehicles with police and paramedics, further reducing available assets.

    The situation is bonkers.

    Anyone convicted of assaulting ambulance crew should have their right to free medical treatment withdrawn. End of.

    It will of course never happen.
  3. Fcuking disgrace.
  4. So they were being shot at with an air rifle? Would be nice if BBC was a bit more specific there, because there's a bit of a difference between being shot at with an air rifle and being shot at by a 9mm.

    Of course it is unforgivable and disgusting whatever was used, but it'd be good to know.
  5. sick
  6. ? why ?
  7. Fcucking retards
  8. Anyone preventing the fire service or ambulance crews from doing their job - either by obstruction, or worse violence deserves a good fcuking shoeing. Words can't describe how angry it makes me that this is "fun", or "cool" or something. Fcuking cnuts
  9. I reckon that if someone plays enough shoot-em-up games they get to the attitude that human life is nothing significant.
    Not just me either - check out Dave Grossman's "On Killing" about desensitising techniques
  10. I play a lot of counter strike but it doesn't make me want to headshot anybody. Just another feckin druggie thinking its good.
  11. Belt twit there is no difference if you are hit in the eye with an air pellet, and at close range some air weapons can be as lethal as low powered rifles. Discharging a firearm is the same no matter what type of propellant is uese, especially if it is discharged at medics attending an accident.
  12. I take it from that you, like the BBC, do not know what airsoft is but no matter. Idiotic thing to do and those responsible shoud suffer greatly but blatent misreporting all the same.
  13. Blogg its still a weapon which can inflict injuries. It certainly shouldnt be used in this way.