Paramedic Qualification

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by theoriginalphantom, Dec 15, 2005.

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  1. Its been talked about for years, and now its a reality. However the criteria for being put forward for interview is strict.

    must be;

    Substansive Cpl


    Awarded a distinction on your class 1

    no outstanding welfare/debt/personal issues

    Training starts early next year, for 52 weeks, then to prevent skill fade the lucky few(6 so far as only one trust has signed up for this) work with the NHS trust that has sponsored it for (so i'm told) 3 months and the army for 1 month.
    What I imagine happening would be working for the NHS pretty much full time untill needed for an op tour, or ITD's.
    You get paramedic qualification, work in civi street and keep the better pay and benefits as compared to civi st.
    kind of TA work on full time pay..... discuss
  2. Ive still not seen anything on this, Ive heard it battered around the WOs conference and at Hd of CEG meetings at AMD but not actually seen anything.

    Can the 'weve not got enough Cpls' fd units cope with losing their top CMTs so they can basically be TA on full time pay? how will it affect the Host Trust contracts? how much will it cost the military to then remove these CMTs from the NHS should they be deployed i.e Turbulance? are they to be extra personnel to the NHS paramedics and therefore not rota'd due to Military protected time (ITDs, exercises) and no notice deployments?

    Where'd you get your info from?
  3. The criteria is ridiculous, they obvious don’t want anyone doing this course if in fact it is running.

    I mean who ever heard of a FE sub Cpl !!!!!!!!!
  4. There you go, by making the entry critiria so ridiculous no-one will be able to do it.
    Got to be a whaaaa!!

  5. BMSs have been doing something similiar outside of the MDHUs with all our trainees and it is causing us no ends of problems, lack of military ethos, lack of discipline etc and the fact they now view themselves as civvies more than soldiers. I've highlighted the areas above as the parts that will cause you real problems.

    Will your system work better than ours? who knows!!
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Not in the ODP CEG- at any Rank, (Apart from super-fit Foxy :wink: )

    Distiction in CMT 1- That will be about 3 then. Interview shouldnt take long.
  7. I got my info from the signal held in my SSM's hand during the OC's prayers yesterday.

    I'm gutted I can't go for it. However, I want to get the information out there to as many potential Paramedics as possible (though I'll be hellishly jealous of those who get it) Good luck to those who fit the criteria.
  8. I have worked as a Paramedic in London for some time now (never did any medic training when i was in) and in all honesty i dont see how they think you can just drop in and out every few months just to keep your skills up, even if we have a few months off we have to go back and recertify before even going back out on the road as a third man with a crew until its deemed that your fit to return to work on your own, we have to attend yearly audits to refresh any new skills and a 5 day recertification every 3 years so that you keep your NHSTD qualification, on top of that you are assesed regularly (at least once a month) by "ride outs" with team leaders to make sure your up to speed, i just dont see how its going to be possible to get all these checks in with the amount of time they given you, i work on my own on a car just because thats what i prefer but i still have to spend a certain number of days a month out on an ambulance to make sure that theres no degredation of skills.
    Do you think they've got the balance right to achieve what they have set out, theres no way that any type of miltary discipline could be maintained out here, half the people dont even know where the boot cleaning kit is let alone have any idea about discipline.. :roll:
  9. The plan as it has been explained is that you'd do 3 months on the job in civi street to one month military work. that ratio should be enough shouldn't it?

    of course a 6 month tour would make things difficult, would the tours be less for them, bearing in mind we will only have 6 to begin with?

    Its going to be interesting to see how this works out.
  10. True mate, but 3 months isnt long if your doing a normal rota system, and as you know you can go months without getting any proper "working" jobs, it will be hard for them to get the experience they need thats for sure..
  11. You're absolutely right DD. CPD will be difficult to attain but I'd like to think it's a step in the right direction. After all, we've all done our fair share of complaining that no-one up top seems to give a toss. :D
  12. LMAO, in that case mate you'll fit right in and be ready for the same response... :D
  13. deleted
  14. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Well thats 4 sorted out only 200+ left to go.
  15. Good response Karabiner at least its a start. Im sure the plans you have for the future will be good too. Ventress its been said from the off that they were creating a tiered system and it wont be for everybody. There will always be a place for the storeman etc. I take it the next problem will be pay scales etc.