Paramedic joining the TA

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Purple_Emperor, Jun 11, 2013.

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  1. Asking on behalf of somone looking to join my unit.

    We have space for RAMC capbadges within my yeomanry unit. The person looking to join is already a civilian paramedic. Does their civilian qualification count for anything or will they have to go off and do a CMT3 course if they want to be a medic when wearing MTP as well as in Civvie street?
  2. counts for very little but will exempt them from cmt3 at the very least .
  3. SF (R) and the RAF Reserves are happy to recruit paramedics direct and use them in a suitable role, so it's a pity the rest of the military can't catch up as well.

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  4. Which is totally stupid, which the powers that be ought to recognise. As a CMT1 I had to do a further years training to become reg as a civ paramedic - so its just stupid that they (the military) wouldn't recognise it straight away in reverse
  5. AFAIK it is changing, just very, very slowly.

    The military are sending more people to train as paramedics through the civvie route, and to do this you have to be a CMT 1 or an RAF medic already, so it makes no sense that a paramedic can't be recognised as a higher level of training within the military.

    Like I said SF MSW has paramedics as do the RAF SAR and MERT, so it is recognised as a qualification in some parts of the military, it's just that most people and units speak on medical issues and skills from a position of ignorance, and don't understand the difference between them all.

  6. ?
  7. Medical Support Wing? (guess.... used to be Medical Support Unit - MSU?)
  8. As a further question, what do CMT2 and CMT1 cover that a civvie paramedic degree doesn't out of interest?
  9. Don't forget there are many things a CMT learns, and does, that a "normal" paramedic in civvie street does not.
  10. Understood, and vice versa I believe. The two roles do have particular differences, especially on Ops.
  11. I'm ashamed to say that my cap badges TA seem to be a complete bunch of queens. An ex reg CMT cant join as a CMT unless you work front-line, even if you're civvy qualified, a suitably (more) qualified civvy has to go and do the courses rather than just one conversion to "the army way".

    RAMC TA, stuff them and go either shade of blue
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  12. Admin and paperwork for one thing, and recognising that what you want to have to hand, and what you actually have to hand may be quite different. You need to learn the improvisation mindset.

    The kit can be different as well - I've seen people about to light a tilly lamp that they'd just charged with meths
  13. Why any Paramedic would want to join the TA under the current conditions is completely beyond me.

    Until we are treated as HCPs in the same way that other medical professions are, ie: commissionable, tell them to poke it.
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  14. So, a month of tictacs and bundook thrusting followed by 2 weeks of this is a 12x12 and this is the admin. Of course, that's assuming that a Paramedic will be employed as a CMT, ie: tentage and med clerk, which common sense would dictate would be a complete waste of them as a resource.

    Paramedics should have access to med commissions in the same way as other med professions, then they'd go through the tarts and vicars course and come out a rupert. Job jobbed.