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Paramedic info


I'm just about to start a 2 year training course to become a Paramedic and am looking at joining the TA once quailified but can find very little info on Paramedics in the Army. Can anyone tell me if it's classed as professionally qualified and if so what form of AOSB do they sit and do they complete the PQO CC. Or is a Paramedic an OR.

Any info on initial selection/training would be appreciated.

Thanks, GB
Paramedics in my unit are CMT ORs. They used to do conversion straight to CMT1 after CMS(R) but that may or may not have changed. I will find out on Mon morning and PM you info.
Cheers, I have been led to believe that the TA are no longer recruiting CMTs and they're eventually going to be phased out. Anyone know if this is true or just a rumour?

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