Paralysed women gives birth to third child


Brave knife victim Abigail Witchalls defies odds again by giving birth, five years after attack nearly killed her

Paralysed Abigail Witchalls and her family were 'over the moon' yesterday after she gave birth to her third child.

The wheelchair-bound 31-year-old, who was stabbed by a crazed knifeman, has had a daughter, named Rebecca.

The cherished little girl was born earlier this month at the family's home in Surrey which has been adapted for a wheelchair since the motiveless attack in 2005 that shocked the nation.

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I imagine that having three children to bring up and being paralysed causes all kinds of financial problems.

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I was reading the paper yesterday on the train and saw this story. It mentioned how a paralysed women was pregnant, but I got to the end and realised I must have skipped the paragraph about how 'it' happened - but a second-check revealed this information was curiously omitted!

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