Paragliding Elementary pilot cse - Wertach

I am off on this course in July, has anyone done it and offer any advice along the lines of I wish I'd done _________ as it would have made the course so much easier/ better.
Thinking along the lines of books etc as I have heard that people struggle on the exams.
also can anyone tell me why the 5 day elementary pilot cse (in civi st) takes 10 days in the army?

I did my EP course at Crickhowell a few years ago and it was 10 days also.

Civi courses normally have fewer people on them so they get more 'flights' in per day, therefore getting the required experience faster.
My course had to much/to little wind for 3 days therefore we couldn't fly, if it had been 5 days no one would have qualified making it worthless.
If you complete your EP qual you can start you CP qual on the same course.
10 days off work is better than 5.
Revision: Have a look at the Met Office weather charts and try to recognise some of the symbols, types of cloud and their shapes. Bit of basic map reading will help. You'll get a handbook when you get there (or did) which has quite a bit of info in.

Enjoy! I loved it, even if my wing was setup incorrectly for the majority of the course and then I got RTU'd to go to Afghan and never went (cheers boss :x ).

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