Given the previously (and rightfully) vented hatred for unwashed studenty coffee shop types who like nothing more than to wallow in their own supposed intelligence. I realise that I may be pushing my pulheems by bringing up the seemingly pretentious subject of the paradox.
However I think this should be addressed as it is something that faces every soldier.
The paradox in question is- That to advance my social standing in the block I must endanger my career.

For example I knew a guy who hit the fire water a little bit too hard at the squadron christmas do, and skiffed the OCs wife. The only defence he offered was 'What are you complaining about, Sir? She already had a tashe and smelled of sh1t anyway.'

Obviously the man in question is still a legend amongst the lads. However career wise it was a different story, as ten years later he emerged, Golum like, from the swamped mattress store in Soltau. Suffering from borderline anaemia and smelling of sugar puffs.

So which side do you fall on? The 'Doming the 2IC's mug with NSU discharge, buckshee Tom' clan.
Or the 'High flying disaproving of people drinking wee' gang.
I realise there is the happy medium of not getting caught and still being promoted, but for the purpose of this conversation, it's a two horse race.
It is indeed a two horse race however there are those who got through the net and went to have a gleaming military career, I can think of one that roams these boards who was a grot amongst bed wetting map of Africa trousered men.

There is also a member here who struggled to gain Lcpl in ten years for having a reputaion as a vomit eating wretch, but who's soldiering skills were second to none, he just needed housing in the battery bay instead of being let in the block.

I think every unit must have a pet animal.... a bloke who's reputation for being able to out gross, out offend out scare every other man in his presence.

Arrse needs stories of these unsung heroes :D
I would love to oblige old chap, but I would be touting on myself with half of the anecdotes.
I think the secret to being a beast is to be willing to go the extra mile.
For example, I am sure that we have all eaten vom out of the swamp trough in the Naafi traps, right? Well all it takes is the heart to go that one extra step and scoff the little bleach blocks aswell. Then hey presto, everyone thinks you're the duty animal.
Trouble is these days the kind of behaviour that creates these heros is frowned on more and more and quite often lads are sent to bed at 'do's' long before they even reach the uninhibited state that allows them to 'mis'-behave in such ways, and much to the detriment of the modern forces in my opinion. Its all far to politically correct now and some of the current crop of arse licking seniors need to get a funkin grip and realise that it takes a certain kind of person to the job we do, every now and then that kind of person needs to get out of his/her face, get naked, urinate on their mates, set fire to stuff and spread excrement around on the embers...........
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