Paradigm Welfare Phones

Bad CO

Those nice people who provide the welfare phones have asked me to publicise the following:

WelComE Telephone and Internet
The MoD places significant importance on providing welfare facilities right up to the front line. Paradigm's satellite communications system provides telephone and internet services to all entitled UK military personnel, allowing them to keep in contact with home.

Family and friends information
Family and friends can leave voicemail messages and top-up the Paradigm account cards of entitled UK military personnel currently serving on operational duty overseas.

Top-up service
We will need the following information from you:
* The name and rank of account holder
* Paradigm account card number
* Your own debit/credit card details

Voicemail service
You will need to:
* Dial 0906 130 10 10 (premium number)
* At voice prompt, enter the Paradigm account card number of the person to whom you wish to leave a message
* Leave your message
* Hang up

For further details, please contact:
The WelComE Customer Contact Centre
Opening hours: (UK) Mon to Fri 0600hrs to 2200hrs
Telephone: 01438 282121
Thanks Bad CO.

I would be interested to hear what you, the end users, think about the service:

What could be done to make things better?
Have your families tried the voice mail service, if so what do you think?
Have you tried the wireless Internet from the COB NAAFI?
Would you use a Gaming cafe?

All comments will be taken onboard to help improve the service.
Jestercom said:
What could be done to make things better?

The ICSTIS code of practice requires that providers of premium rate services provide clear pricing information about the cost of calls - it doesn't appear in the cut and paste above (as it should, if it's publicising the service).

I am always wary of services that involve premium rate calls, particularly if the price isn't made clear beforehand.

On the Paradigm website, the only reference I could find was in a press release, which says (my bold):

Up to 10 messages per person, each of which can last up to two minutes, can be saved to individual accounts. The messages are charged by the second at a rate of 50 pence per minute, but the person receiving the messages is not charged for retrieving them. The voicemails can be saved for up to 60 days.

So, is the message only charged at 50p per minute, or the whole call, which is the impression given by the original cut and paste which suggests that the whole procedure involves a premium rate call?
Thank you for highlighting the confusion regarding the rates for the voice mail service. I can confirm that revised instructions for the use of the service that clarifies the premium rates will be released shortly.
Sorry to hear that you have had problems with the service.
Done a bit of checking and it seems that there was a problem with one of the message servers on Tues 19th 0800 hrs until Wed 20th 1400hrs.

In future if you do not hear a beep there may be a problem, if this happens, try dialling again and you should connect to a different server.

Please accept our apologies for the problems that you have encountered.

Your OH will be notified of messages when they access the system using their account number. If you are concerned, it may be worth leaving another message to make sure, alternatively, call the WelComE Customer Contact Centre (01438 282121 - opening hours 0600-2200 mon-Fri) and we can check to see if the message has been saved.


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Thank you for your reply Jestercom. Have sent you PM.

Are you able to top up a paradigm account anytime of the day or week using an automated line or is it currently just 6 till 10 Monday to Friday through the customer service line?
Family and friends are not able you use an automated service at this time, this is due to the card details being cleared from the system after each transaction.

We would however be interested to learn if there are may people out there that would like an automated Family and Friends service, or, would like to see the WelComE Customer Contact Center open at weekends.

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