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Paradigm launched it’s Wi-Fi service across main operating bases in December 2008 to complement the existing telephone and internet facilities in theatre. The Wi-Fi service is extremely popular today, so in order to ensure fair use for all and in accordance with MOD policy, please be reminded of the below useful tips.

How do I make the best use of Paradigm’s Wi-Fi service?

1. Use only as a messaging service and not to browse the web or download information

2. Use the mobile version of websites e.g. instead of Welcome to Facebook, go to Welcome to Facebook! | Facebook

3. If you experience trouble logging on to the Wi-Fi network, this may be because an Op Minimise has been enforced; check for details in theatre

4. If you have any auto updates active other than your antivirus software, ensure that they are turned off

5. Follow the steps in your user guide which is available from the Paradigm engineers on site or via the Bastion or Kandahar WelComE centres

If you are still experiencing problems with the service, please contact the WelComE Customer Contact Centre (WCCC)

WCCC opening hours: (UK) Mon – Fri 06:00 – 22:00
Telephone: Dial *0 on any Paradigm provided telephone only

Please post questions regarding any of paradigm services below. Please note only questions on Paradigm service will be answered. Responses will only be made during WCCC opening hours (UK) Mon – Fri 06:00 – 22:00)
Paradigm have a system in place where relatives and friends can add cash credit to the Paradigm cards in use in theatre, to do this the caller has to give their card details over the phone, what precautions do Paradigm have in place to ensure that these details arent used by some unscrupulous operator to commit a spot of internet fraud?
Thank you for your post, Paradigm ensures compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) in order to protect all cardholder data.
How do I activate my Paradigm card?

On arrival in theatre, each entitled troop will be handed a Paradigm account card which is activated via their J1 administrator. The first 30 minutes is already pre-loaded, and once we have received the activation request from the J1 administrator, the account is ready to be used.

Please post if you have any questions.


How is Wi-Fi access paid for, bearing in mind I am soon to deploy as a UK CONDO? Do I have to buy an access voucher for a specific amount of time? If so, how much are these, where can I get them from and what duration of use do they offer? What areas are covered by Wi-Fi within BSN JOB?

Thanks in advance :)
If you are given a WelComE account card you will be entitled to use the Wi-Fi service. If you are not given a WelComE account card you will not be able to use the service, as the service is built for MoD entitled users only. If you do require Wi-Fi access you may be able to use the NAAFI Wi-Fi service, where you buy a card in store

You should check with your company's CONDO arrangements to confirm if you will be given an Account Card when you arrive in-theatre.

The WiFi service covers the accommodation areas in Bastion.

For more information on WelComE Wi-Fi service please visit Paradigm internet in Afghanistan | Paradigm Wi-Fi | Paradigm
WelComE to Christmas

This year Paradigm has teamed up with LAN2LAN to provide UK deployed
personnel and their family and friends an opportunity to enter the WelComE 12 days
of Christmas prize draw. The prize draw will start on Thursday 2nd December 2010
and end on the 17th December 2010; prizes will vary from day to day. To enter the
competition please fill out the entry form on WelComE To The Twelve Days of Christmas, you need an
active WelComE 9 digit account card number to enter the competition.

For information on the WelComE Customer Contact Centre (WCCC) over the
Christmas period and details on the WelComE service, please visit WelComE To The Twelve Days of Christmas.

Paradigm and LAN2LAN wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

LAN2LAN,Paradigm’s supplier of Wi-Fi infrastructure in-theatre, has sponsored this competition, reinforcing the partnership message and how Paradigm works with its suppliers


War Hero
Currently out in a FOB and have no access to booklets, engineers etc. Can someone detail how to access yahoo mail etc?
Thank you for your post. Please contact the WelComE Customer Contact Centre (WCCC) by dialling *0 from any WelComE provided phone in theatre and they will be able to assist.
Can Paradigm phone minutes only be used to make calls to the UK? My partner is on exercise and trying to phone his family in New Zealand using the satellite phones, but is being told he doesn't have enough credit when he tries to do this, even though he has a stack of welfare minutes that he's accumulated. Grateful for any advice about this x
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