Parade to commemorate Falklands War

God forbid we celebrate one of our very own triumphs 25 years on the government cannot even seem to get any impertus behind Vetrans Day so how the hell are they ging to achieve this? Its great to have a Vetrens agency etc but leaving it to cash strapped local authorities to 'Do there own thing locally' means in real terms practically bugger all will happen - still they mean well! :) Oh and it makes a nice badge!

By the way not bitter and twisted vetren - just a realist guess we will see tomorrow how much local effort was put in :)


P.S Sorry forgot it will be centrally arranged so of course it will go well!
Actually heard that there could be considerable funding available for events. Similar in style to the "Homefront Recall" payouts last year.

Have been told that it's the first step in a plan to move the emphasis of rememberance events away from the world wars and onto more recent conflicts.

Like most conflicts, the Falklands War should be commemorated. But only in a low-key way. Let's face it, the war was not a large one, so small-scale ceremonies in the Falklands and Whitehall will suffice.
John, Manchester

I think John, Manchester is a prize c0ck.
It'll be a Blairite hijack again. At least the BBC have had the decency to change the title from "party" to "parade". Wnakers.

The unfortunate thing is that the Falkland Vets mouthpieces will trot themselves out in front of the camera to give us the benefit of their wisdom, whilst everyone else quietly forgets that there are many good blokes on the streets and in shit order because of this conflict who would be more deserving of the finances and the "government focus". Perhaps Princess Tony doesn't see the victims as such a great PR/phot opportunity than the FVF suits who will take the chance to further their own personal campaigns.
I'm not normally one to defend Bliar, but this is appears to be something of a damned if he does, damned if doesn't situation.

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