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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by dhgrainger1, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Probably in the wrong forum, and probably a stupid question but...

    My parade shoes are killing my feet. Every bastard time I walk/march in them for more than half an hour I end up with blisters covering nearly the whole of the bottom of my foot, and a lovely cut in the top of my foot where the toecap bends when I take a step.

    Any ideas, other than put up with it until I've adjusted?
  2. Have you ever considered getting a pair that fit you?
  3. Are you wearing them on the right feet?

  4. Did you break them in first? Are they ammo boots? Have you got club feet?

    Do you wear socks? Are they silk socks?
  5. Haha, both very good questions, but cna confirm, they fit fine, and are on the correct feet!
  6. I had a similar problem until I invested in a pair of Sorbothane insoles.
  7. The only advice i can give is man up. are you in the RAf or something? Seriously thouh, the docs should authorise you new shoes. Go and see him.