Parade nights, why bother ?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar69, Dec 13, 2010.

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  1. Seriously, should parade nights for the TA be a thing of the past ?

    RAUXF dont do them, independent units dont have them so why does your local TAC need them

    Are they a waste of money ?

    If your units on C1 for parade nights anyway how many bods do you think will turn in ?
  2. Depends what you do? They are very good for sorting admin for weeekends, giving the young uns a chance to do a few lessons, etc.

    Maybe not if they're used for G1/G4 bullshit reasons.
  3. Definitely - my unit typically has very few juniors turn in and it's recently been acknowledged that the training's boring, so hopefully there'll be a few more turning up if it improves. I'm in the LAD and there are often more REME juniors than from the parent unit, but then again we organise our own training...

    Oh, and we're on paid drill nights, so it'd probably be even worse if it was C1.
  4. Percieved wisdom is that we need them because of the level of maintenance we're required to do (a topic in itself), avoid even worse skill fade than we currently have, and to keep guys in the habit of turning in. How do independant units fair in terms of turnover, attendance and required admin?
  5. What kit do you have? First works don't really take that long.
  6. You need them to sort out admin and dates for courses or exercises, you need them for lessons and recruit training. Just because your unit does **** all training and you have **** all MTD's doesn't mean they should be a thing of the past. Most unit that are actually doing training need them.
  7. They don't go together do they, fcuk all training does not imply no MTD's .... one would hope they did but that's not reality.
  8. So you are saying the RAUXF and independat units do **** all ?
  9. On the basis that drill nights are not C1 the sub-unit commander is missing a trick if its just being used for G1/G4. Ok we're Inf so the MTD thing is a bit easier but typically we'll use the DCCT, fizz, Navex, drill (yes, drill), indoor ranges, BCD, MATTS trg etc, etc.

    Take drill nights away you run the risk of losing cohesion at sub-unit level. The Offrs and Snrs are paid to sort this sort of thing and make sure its interesting, relevant and retention positive.

    If they ain't doing that they need to take a long hard look at themselves!
  10. Radio kit... so we have a minimum of one monthly maintanance event, first works isn't the issue, its getting through the monster sheet of IMI's (several pages worth) plus all the usual auditing of the associated det folders.

    Well, if MTD's aren't required to organise stuff, then the implication is that either they have a magic admin wand or that they have **** all to organise... might be a false dichotomy but as nothing else has been asserted the latter looks more likely, doesn't it?
  11. Well anyone who is on unpaid drills nights or on say 25 MTd's do **** all. My unit is currently training people for tour, they need to have drill nights to square courses away or get updates on training for exercises. You cant rely on email or text messages to Organise training. Don't use RAF reserves or specialist units as a smoke screen for the simple fact your unit is in rag order on drill nights. Drill nights are quiet essential to some.
  12. Er, RAuxAF probably don't do drill nights mainly because of the distances involved would make attendance even worse than it is for weekends. Roughly half of my Sqn are 'local' and the rest come from all over - Leeds, Brum, Manc, even that there London. HTD is down to 50 miles max, so we obviously do it for love.

    However, we invariably start on Friday nights so I suppose that's a 'drill night' really. Very little time spent ******* around on a weekend.

    Recruiting, recruit courses, trade training and general Sqn training are on four different weekends in the month - the permanant staff certainly make sure it's the best use of our valuable time.
  13. Drill Nights are termed as such because they were orginally used for bringing the members of a TA Unit together on a routine basis to perform 'Drill'. This was seen as the basis of military discipline and comraderie, and was used to instill a feeling of Unit cohesion and membership. The evening consisted mainly of Drill in the early years.

    The routine nature of the 'Drill Night' was then used as a basis for wider training, administration, planning and associated events, social or otherwise. In time, Drill Nights became an accepted part of the TA experience and a 'TEA' allowance was offered to compensate personnel attending (Travel and missed meal).

    More recently, Drill Nights attracted a quarter day's pay and travel claims (HDT).

    Drill Nights therefore are a feature of the past - generated and used during a period in our history where communication was mainly verbal, training was very basic, and where equipment was usually non-technical. In today's operationally focused IR Facebook world one wonders whether they remain relevant, certainly within their current format.

    Sure, people will argue 'cohesion', 'relationship forming', 'maintenance of the habit', and Exercise preparation/administration etc. but I suspect that this will be very carefully looked at within the new Review in cost versus utility terms and may not fit at all within the new Reserves construct.

    One of the key issues with Drill Nights is the unpredictability of attendance (scale and individuals), making coherent training and time management almost impossible.

    If we went back to a bit of drill followed by a few beers, it might increase attendance!
  14. "Don't use RAF reserves or specialist units as a smoke screen for the simple fact your unit is in rag order on drill nights"

    I'd be interested to know exactly which unit you think im in "the_creature"
  15. If the TA modernised and actually properly got it's head round e-mail;

    That could be done Mon-Fri

    And that.

    And that works better at the weekend.