Parade at Horse Guards today.


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I was at the Parade at Horse Guards today, about 4pm, and was a bit shocked at my ignorance about what was going on - even lacking what the parade's name! The policemen I asked didn't have a clue. So If anyone could answer my questions I would be a much happier bunny 8)

1. Who were they? I Know guards (Blue Red Blue everywhere), but which one?

2. It was an Association parade I believe?

3. In the bearskins, there was a blonde sort of slash half way up on the left hand side - what does this mean?

Any help, or pointers in the right direction, would be very much appreciated! Cheers
Its our (Grenadier Guards) 350th anniversary this year of the regiment forming. I don't know what parade it was, but it was proberly freedom of london or something similar. We have quite a few of them this year all over the country with Nijmegan Company providing the men as the Bn are in Iraq right now and go straight onto Afgan training when we get back. The Blonde sash is a White Plume.
The Foot Guards can be distinguished by the spacing of their buttons on ceremonial uniform.
Evenly spaced buttons Grenadier Guards
Buttons in twos Coldstream Guards
Buttons in threes The Scots Guards
Butons in fours The Irish Guards
Buttons in fives The Welsh Guards

The household cavalry can be distinguished by
Red tunic and white plume on helmet The Life Guards
Blue tunics and red plume on helmet The Blues and Royals

At least thats my recollection opf being attached to the Household Division (RHG actually)


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Not sure about dress rehersal - most were in suits/hats/umbrella.

Cheers guys, much help!

The white plume - is that a Grenadier speciality or what?

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