Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by hammy123, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know anything about this? Ive searched the rollcall for a few guys who I knew to be Para reg, along with a couple of family friends who I also knew were Para reg and SA vets, none of them seem to be on this roll. Do you have to add yourself or something? looks like £15 a shot to add yourself to me. Will it ever be accurate?
  2. Is there a Mr Mike Golden on there? If there is, theres your answer...
  3. The Baron isnt, Ive checked.
  4. Check me out using the "Search" function....... :roll:
  5. Yes, I think thats the point Im aiming at, its not 100% i.e. Para reg or manning and records havent created the database, its down to us lot off the street to be pro active and add names which can be verified. Situation I was thinking about was genuine Para, someone checks him against Paradata, he's not on it then the howls of WALT are released -incorrectly. It cant be relied upon as a fail safe method of checking the AB out. What you can do is challenge them to get themselves added I suppose as the vetting seems to be solid.
  6. Looks kind of odd, looks like they may have trawled the internet to find names from news stories and the like.

    They have a friend of mine on there listed as only very going on one op tour - the one he died on. Bit of a strange site.
  7. Oh, tried the search, got a load of shoite back. Memo to self - dont search ARRSE using the criteria "para"
  8. Its part of the Duxford / Imp War Museum AB Forces Thingy display. A digital record of airborne forces history.

    Web site is only 1 bit.

    ANyone been to the display yet?
  9. Ah right, would explain some of the entries. Seems a bit open to abuse really.
  10. Glad to hear any entries will be verified, otherwise its a walts charter. Its very incomplete, no-one I served with shows up, were they figments of my imagination! i cant see most blokes stumping up £15 to get an entry, so it'll remain of very limited use.
  11. ParaData only contains entries that are already in the public domain by being 'dead or decorated'. This is to protect the privacy of living individuals under the Data Protection Act. So you are right, not everyone is on there.

    Only you as an individual can give permision by registering and entering your details. Those are then verified and checked, so that there are no Walts. The £15 covers the cost of these checks and maintaining the site.

    By registering, you can also contribute material and comments that may be of interest to others. If someone has managed to slip through the verification process, then this can help identify them.

    Also for instance where group photos are published, it is possible to help identify unnamed faces, so that they are not forgotten.
  12. I cant find anyone on there, then again whos going to pay £15 to a shoddy site with less hits than Al Capone.
  13. Well I found it useful, found my Grandfather's citation for Medal at Arnhem, christen name was wrong but every thing else right.

    I've only been looking of it for 16 years so I think I've had a result.

    I think most of the information has been aquired during the movement of archives from Airborne Musuem Aldershot to the new home at duxford.
  14. para-dox,there are other sites where you can find your old mates,you have to get verified before getting onsite,feel free to pm me if you need any info