Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by booty_cadet, Aug 11, 2006.

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  1. Just got off a camp after a massive b********* for not having some things on the kit list (which before I get flamed can I add I didn't get given). So does anyone know where I can get 100m of paracord from?
  2. Erm ...... a parachute perchance ?

    No seriously you can buy it but it depends if you want the realy stuff or a cheap copy
  3. Use green string instead its cheaper.

  4. Cheap copy is great to be honest. It'll only be used for bashas and tying light things together. Nothing really trying.
  5. Mate, most of the regular Army get by using green string. If one of your walty AI's want's you to buy paracord, tell him to fcuk-off.
  6. Thats what I took but they detailed paracord. So they said I was bing cheeky...bastwards
  7. Tell them to fcuking wind their neck in! bet the've only got sdome as they went back and had a scour round the harbour area after a bug out...wnakers
  8. It turns out the officer who told me to get some was convenintly selling some in his shop. But I thought £48 for a hundred meters was a bit expensive.
  9. Why do you need 100m?
  10. I wish I knew. It just says so on the kit list.
  11. If they want you to have 100m of paracord then they should issue it.
    You don’t have to buy required kit unless it’s consumables such as boot polish or wash kit…
  12. If he is being so fussy tell him that you could not find quatrebraid monofilament and didnt want to risk using kernmantel duofilament as it has a lesser shock load value after wet storage.

    Then tell him green string is better.
  13. Like we said what a cnut I'll bet the kit list was drawn up by the bawbag knowing full well that you'd need to purchace the stuff which rather convenienty he just happens to stock, Next time he grips you about green string tell him to fcuk off you want me to have you supply it 2 chins, should put a complaint in about this turd quite clearly using his postion to milk money from kids it's as low as you can get
  14. He's trying to rob you

    100 m seems a bit excessive.
  15. Tell him to fück off :D string is string mate, and at them prices...........mmmmm no ta!