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Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by TOPCAT007, Sep 20, 2005.

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  1. Sincere apologies if this has been covered before,I am a newby to this board,this is one for the airborne fraternity really.Does anybody recall a video doing the rounds at depot para around 88/89 showing some unit or other, parachuting and someone in the port stick getting caught in the door of the herc for a couple of minutes before the RAF PJI had to throw him out by his ankles?.I was in 4(v)para at the time on summer camp at some strange fort in/around Portsmouth and a cpl from 2para was introducing us to the SA80 and LSW and he brought the video with him and showed it in the bar onenight.One thing I definately remember is it was a british unit.Sorry for the long winded first post.
  2. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Sure it was Portsmouth, not Plymouth, with the fort being Trigantle? Just an obs
  3. You are quite correct,my mistake I remember having to get the ferry from ??torpoint or somewhere v similar.Could very well be Trigantle,it is quite a long time ago.Anyway it was a cracking video but a bit scary at the time as some of the lads were going to 1 PTS at Brize the next week. 8O
  4. Stuck by his ankles?? Are you sure it wasn't the 4 PARA HUPRA over a drop onto Salisbury plain back in '93 or '94? Poor b@stard never jumped again (he was rather shaken shall we say, and smoked about 20 fags in 2 minutes). He did an excellent rivet count of the side of the Herc though :) The landing rather hurt him as he was coming down inverted and only remembered/came to about 30 metres above the ground. Smacked in almost horizontal. Ouch. So far as I am aware he was the only HUPRA the Crabs have ever delivered. There is a cracking video from inside the Herc took by one of the PSIs at Pudsey showing the reaction of the dispatcher and the loadmaster when they realise they have a HUPRA. At least 2 of the lads kicked him in the head as they exited after him.
  5. Thanks for your reply Dread,it was definately before 1990,as I left the T.A then when I met my missus.Something in the back of my tiny seems to think it was the signals or someone who wasn't in one of the para btns,def not 4 para as we were the ones watching the vid open mouthed,but it was video'd from the inside of the herc and of course from the outside from another herc.Sorry I did say ankles,he actually was stuck by his toecaps on the lip of the door,and the PJI grabbed his ankles and just flung him out after what seemed like an eternity.
  6. The video could be of a bloke called Steve A***n. He was artillery and caught his leg in an unsecured seat strap as he was exiting and subsequently spent the following 10 seconds dangling head first out the door. The PJI kept kicking his leg until it released and Steve fell free, fortunately with an open canopy but unfortunately with a badly broken ankle!
  7. DB mk2,you may be bang on the money there,any idea of year for this spectacular stunt?
  8. If it is the one I remember, an experimental/practise sim 45 (which is why it was being filmed).
    His "Charlie G" strapped to his bergan caught the seat ,which hadn't been raised correctly, just before the door. This twisted him round and he went out backwards causing his left ankle to get trapped. The rest of us, mainly Regimental Survey just went over him. He wasn't injured as I recall. The video arrived in camp a few weeks later.
  9. Mid '87. I remember him telling me about it on stag in Belize in '88 and he said he hadn't jumped for a year since his "accident".
  10. No

    I was shown this vid as an inticement to go Sigs Para in 1987 and provided for the course I was on by the one Sig Para we had, He was also in /on the video.

    It was a show of the Para Sigs preparing for a heavy drop. A few Light Landies getting prepped for the drop. It was a promo vid as the Sigs para on the course made apoint of saying that the Officer and SNCO shown on the vid were in fact Actors and were bricking it as they though the real Paras would have a go at them.

    You saw the Actors standing in fronyt of some Guicci dome type tents -bought for the video only but later used.

    The vid also shows one of the Sig Paras who hated all jumps as he wore glasses and the PJI's made him use black nasty on the sides of his head to keep his specks on.

    On the actual drop the man in question gets his left leg caught in the door, you see the stick stopping as the Jump master pulls the leg free.

    He broke his femur and was on Phiseo for two years and never jumped again.