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Parachuting in the ACF

I'm looking into setting up a jumps course for my cadets and finding it difficult to do. Has anyone either set up a weekend as an instructor or done a jump as a cadet?
I did a one day static line course at RAF Weston-on-the-Green in the summer of 2000 through my CCF. I think it cost something in the region of £120 each. I found this website which may be of use to you: Skydive Weston
We had a few cadets do it about 2/3 years ago. Also our county was keen to organise it again for annual camp last August, the course available lasted 4 days though and took up a lot of training time therefore the idea was shelved. The cost was estimated at around £200 each if my memory is correct. I don't recall where it would have taken place but we were at Westdown Camp, SPTA, so somewhere in that vicinity

Point is, it is possible if you're committed enough to make it happen.
I employ an Ex Regular (now TA) officer who remains a member of an Army parachute display team, they are prepared to do something for me at much lower cost than anyone here has suggested, but that is no doubt because it is me who is doing the asking.

My county have told me it is no problem at all, parachuting is included in the Adventure Training Sylabus for Cadets apparently. The people instructing are bound by the rules of the Army Parachuting Association which does mean that the Cadets must be 16 or over and have the written consent of their parents.

You will appreciate that it is impossible to guarantee a jump though, it is all weather dependent and I anticipate one difficulty will be that if we get bad weather preventing jumps the cadets may have paid a lot of money for nothing.

Whilst the instructors are happy to have any cadets who did not get to jump come down another time it would, I am told, not be feasible to have them all at once again and it would be awkward for me to keep arranging transport etc.

Good luck though.
When you know what the charges will be you might want to contact me. There are lots of teams and instructors who use netheravon as their base and I may be able to get you a better deal.
i have done jumps as an AI and a cadet including a jump in Arnhem it is possible however i cant be of much use all i can sugesst is contact your local 4 para

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