Parachuting help!!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by TheSporting1st, May 3, 2010.

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  1. PS - and do'nt forget, unless you've done it from 800 into the pitch black with 100lbs strapped to your legs your a hobbyist as far as I'm concerned :)
  2. Sporting1st

    Plenty of good places to jump: I would recommend getting in touch with either the Black Knights or the Red Devils at Nethers, or the Silver Stars at Cerney.

    2 options: she can either do a tandem (pay for it or jump for charity and fund raise) or (and in my opinion, a better option) forck out for her AFF level 1 jump. She'll jump with two instructors from c.13,500ft and will deploy and ride her own canopy down. It'll require a bit more training than the tandem jump but it's a cracking thing to do and the adrenaline is fantastic.

    I'll pm you some contact details. Best of luck either way and I hope everything goes according to plan.

  3. I`ll second that!!!
  4. she says she loves about me is that I'm not army barmy, waffle on for hours on end about army this and para that (and shes had a few, the last guy was RAF reg and walt ccok by all accounts - even SHE called him a bullshitting fantasist!!)
  5. Fair enough mate, but as an ex Para Regt bloke I`m sure you`ll know that the `Freds' aren`t really Army!!
  6. I think it's about £250 - £300 per person for AFF level one. Am pretty sure you can book well in advance, just bear in mind that on the day of the jump you'll have to go through all your reserve drills/PLF etc. AFF gets cheaper with each jump, as the more you pregress you'll go from two instructors to one.

    Also it might be worth enquiring about asking one of the others to jump camera and to film it - a bit extra, but possibly worth it if you think you'll only be doing one jump.

  7. The reason I love her is she says what I think!! I love you too :)
  8. If she's that anti Army, try Sibson (Peterborough) or Headcorn (Kent). Bin out of it a while, but Sibson especially had a very good rep. I jumped at both places and they were both good. Don't know what they've got now but at the time Sibson had a Skyvan (large rear exit, stand and jump out backwards) and Headcorn had a turbine(?) Islander (left-hand door exit, sit forward-facing and push out).
  9. Trust me, I have had a few to drink. Bin the jumpingamd buy her a flying lesson instead, pay the extra, so you can sit in the back and watch her take control.

    Difying gravity is much more sexy than sucoming to it :p
  10. All the advice so far (except the bit about "fly don't jump" :roll:) has been spot on. However, for further consideration - esp if you want a civvy experience, read on.

    There is a DZ at Dunkeswell, near Honiton, which is highly recommended by my ex-RM parachute Team brother, who used to run the DZ when the RM operated it, and still lives nearby. It is 10yrs since I jumped, but for the 20 years before I quit the sport, Dunkeswell was always a top venue.

    They specialise in the kind of thing you are looking for (AFF or Tandem) and operate a nice, big fast plane (a Beech 99) - always an advantage, boasting that - since they regularly climb to an exit altitude of 15,000ft (rather than the more usual 12 - 13k) "Nobody jumps higher".

    Look here (Watch the video):

    Location (the marker is not in exactly the right place, Google streetview reveals the operation's portacabin is across the road, and 100m SW of the marker):,-3.234444&sspn=0.007734,0.016544&ie=UTF8&hq=skydive+uk&hnear=Dunkeswell,+Honiton,+UK&ll=50.86464,-3.230538&spn=0.005891,0.016544&t=h&z=16&iwloc=A

    And if you decide to go for the AFF option,

    P.S. The "Sharky" in that movie was a Fred.
  11. Netheravon isn't even remotely 'army' there's so many fecking uni students there it's more like an SU bar! Its turned rather commercial over the past couple of years.

    The ground is slightly hard at Nethers too. My girlfriend can testify to that! 8O

    (never mind, she'll finish the AFF course sometime next year! :D )
  12. Well let's hope they don't land on the mast. The ISO container may tip over.
  13. jinxy, you know the club has moved in to the new hanger now?
  14. About time, to.