Parachuting a tank with the crew inside?

Just a few things that could go wrong:
IIRC we(the brits) did some trials(mid to late 60's) with sliding various wheeled AFV's on some sledge type things out of the back of a Hercules as it was still flying but dragging it's arse on the ground, the end game was these vehicles would be crewed. Some of the trials involved Ferrets with crash test dummies in them, the injuries were so bad the idea was shelved.
ISTR that but in my mind’s eye it is CVRT doing the honours.
Just a few things that could go wrong:
I think there was an old Signals RR truck ejected.... I also think it was on auto-pilot as it disappeared off into the distance to have a well earned pint.
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I'm waiting for @meerkatz to give his opinion before I make my mind up.
551's normally broke standing still.
Yes and the Shillelagh missile system was shyte as well. It would have been worse if it had been dropped in the M551.

As an aside the UK disposed of quite a few Shylee missiles (The cousins don't do gaelic :))
Dead east, innit.

You can even land them all on the same bit of road.

When that came on, I offered to provide my anecdotes of a very different experience involving dropping a Landrover and trailer out of a C130, but no-one wanted to hear it.
I was airborne in a Transit van at Barry Buddon many moons ago when it fell off the road to Monifeith. It was a bit like what I imagine free-fall is like until I smashed my back against the roof. Twice.

A subconsciously muttered 'who's doing all that groaning' resolved itself shortly afterwards when I realised it was me.
Well that answers many questions

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